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...you should never clip your nails by putting the clippers at the center of your nail bed?  When you put the clippers at the center of your nail, you're putting unnecessary stress on the apex (stress point) of your nail and you can actually cause your nail to crack down the center! Ouch!  When clipping, always use several short clips, moving side to side.  And never peel off a nail which is "mostly" clipped or you'll risk a serious hangnail!  Which clippers are right for you? Let's take a look:

For fingernails, a standard, curved pair of clippers is all you need.  Don't be tempted by fancy slanted clippers or or "one click" clippers.  You should also avoid nail scissors as these weaken the structure of the nail and are difficult to use properly. If you prefer, you may opt for a pair with a rubberized coating for better grip but remember, clippers are only good for six months to a year. Just like scissors or knives, they get too dull after awhile and need to be replaced.  

For toenails you're going to have two acceptable options.  Both are standard clippers but you'll notice one has a straight cutting edge where the other has a curved cutting edge.  Either is fine for clipping, I prefer the straight edge since it's easier to slide under the nail.  Remember when cutting toenails that they should always be clipped straight across and with slightly rounded (think DULL not actual round) edges.  This is the best way to prevent in-growns.  Again, you can opt for rubberized clippers for better grip.  How often should you clip toe nails? This varies from person to person but the safest and most acceptable length is just to the end of your toe or slightly below.  Too short and you'll risk infections, too long and you can actually damage the nail, the matrix, OR your entire foot!  Yikes! 

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  1. Very informative, I didn't know that you shouldn't clip your nails from the center.

  2. thanks for this! I love your nail/cuticle care posts.. please keep posting :)


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