Bling It On!

I gave you a preview of this collection on Tuesday and today I'm going to show you the remaining four colors!  I'll start by saying that these glitters all went on very easily and came off a GLITTER!  Barielle indicates that they can be worn alone, and while that is true certainly, these are NOT full coverage glitters.  All but two of them are micro glitter or shimmer with larger hex glitters mixed in.  This means that they are great for laying over things but at the same time, depending on the base color they will look quite different.  I've swatched them all using one coat of glitter over two coats of white, black, a complementary shade, and a nude.  These colors, like all Barielle polishes, are five free and vegan. :) So let's see them already!!

First up is Sea Urchin, a sea foam green glitter according to Barielle.  It's a sea foam shimmer with larger hexes and circles in yellow, green and teal.  The shimmer felt a little heavy on the black nail for me. I think this one is best over a similar shade. 

Next up is Angel Dust, described as a sheer, iridescent glitter.  Basically that does sum this one up. I LOVE this one over black and it's also quite ethereal over the nude and white shades.  The glitter shifts depending on the base and the lighting so this one is a fun one to play with! It's along the lines of China Glaze Snow Globe.  Also, excuse the variance in these photos. In the middle of my swatching I got a new camera and changed my nail shape. :/

Here we have Golden Halo. This one is a gold shimmer with pink glitter in it.  I originally felt this one was a bit girly for me but I ended up loving it.  I think it works really well over all the colors although the black was probably my least favorite layering combo.

Finally we come to Amethyst.  I knew out the gate that this one wasn't my style and it didn't do anything for me on the nail either. It's purple large hexes in a clear base. I will say that although it appears to be tacoed, it isn't. It was perfectly flat on my nail.  If large glitters like this are your thing then this is one that you'll love! :)

Which one are you most excited to pick up?

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion**

Barielle Bling It On Sneak Peek...

So I let you know last week that coming up I would have the new Barielle glitter collection for you.  It's been awhile since they released a collection with glitter polishes so I'm really excited to share these with you! There will actually be TWO glitter collections but this week I'm going to share with you the Bling it On collection.  I don't normally do sneak peeks but a lot of you may have seen this picture floating around the internet and while the colors look pretty in the pic, the real thing is SOO much better! Today I'm going to show you my favorite of the bunch and then on Thursday if you come back you can see the whole thing. :)  When I got the release I expected to like Sea Urchin the best. It has all the things I love in it BUT....Shooting Star is the real stand out of the bunch in my opinion:

Barielle is calling her a blue/purple metallic glitter. While that's accurate I think the word duo chrome should be in there for sure!! In the shot above you can see how she shifts on the bottle as well as the nail I've done over black.  I tried to do these on a few different things so you can see how they work with other colors.  Over the white there is mostly just larger blue glitters.  You CAN see the purple/blue shift of the shimmer but it's more subtle.  The blue nail shows off more of the shimmer and shift and while you can still see the larger glitter it's less noticeable.  The pinky is meant to display what it might look like on a neutral or a bare nail.  You can see a lot more shimmer there and the blue glitters stand out.  Then we have black.  Magical, wonderful black.  This is the color where the duo chrome REALLY comes alive and while the glitters are visible, they're not center stage here.  Definitely my favorite color combo!  

SOOO pretty. If you pick up no other colors, this one is a must have.  The swatches above are all ONE coat of Barielle glitter over two coats of a base.  There is no curling or sticking up of the glitters and I did not have to fish for them.  :) Stay tuned for more! Which one are you dying to see next?

*The colors above have been provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinions*

Weekend Catchup...

It's that time again! Time to do a little weekly check in with you all! As I sat down to write this the above happened and that pretty much sums up the week for me. Every time I get ready to do something I get stopped by something else.  Still, it was a pretty eventful week as far as things go.  I'm also SUPER excited to inform you that coming up this week I have swatches of a new GLITTER collection from Barielle. It's really got some stunners in it and I think you're going to love them.  I managed some shorter posts this week so I feel like I'm getting back into a groove and hopefully I'll be back on a regular schedule soon. :)

My cooking adventures continued this week. I finally got motivated to make some bread and now I'm getting ready to try out some new bread recipes. I think the real issue I have with a lot of them is that they take ALL day and/or require loads of kneading.  I like bread but if I'm honest if I don't make it I don't really eat it at all. I can go weeks without ever touching it.  It's still a daily battle with my stomach issues but the bread seemed to go alright so I'm hoping to find some easy and tasty new recipes this week.

We also tried out making our own mozzarella this week. It was a huge fail. I thought it was the milk at first but batch two is going fairly similar today so now I'm thinking maybe it's the rennet.  I guess I'll have to keep working on that one! 

Caoimhe turned two this week!  I can't believe we rescued her over a year ago.  I had a whole thing planned out for her but I got really emotional over the kitty I lost just before we got her and that made it difficult to want to do much celebrating. :(  She seemed to enjoy her day anyway though so I suppose it was a win regardless!  I hope you all had a great week!  If any of you are bakers I'd love some bread recipes! ;)  Can't wait for you to see the new glitters next week too so don't forget to check in and see how you like them! And remember, you can always check my instagram @Bee_Polished for quick nail art, tips and tricks that don't always show up here! :)

Sparkly Chevron...

So a few weeks ago I got totally fed up with my long nails and chopped them off.  I don't know why but I just get this itch to cut them short after they've been long for awhile. It's somewhat annoying because I like to have a more cohesive look on my blog but even though I managed to hold off on it for awhile, the urge won out in the end!  I'm lucky that they grow pretty quickly but I also tend to not polish as much when they're short! In the midst of all that, my husband bought me a few new butter London polishes and I couldn't resist trying them out! So here's a little short nail design for you!  I threw a splash of holo on there for a twist but I didn't love it in the end. :/ Win some ya lose some! :)

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Just a quick post today to wish everyone a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!! I hope you all get to go out and enjoy yourselves! Remember to be safe out there and I'll see you here tomorrow for a new nail design! ;)

Weekly Updates!

Well the above pretty much sums up the past two weeks for me.  I don't know if it's the weather or what but my CFS/ME has been so difficult to deal with. :(  I don't think the time change has helped that at all and I spent most of the the time feeling like I was going to fall asleep at my desk at work. Not a great week needless to say.  But by early this week the sun had come out, it started to warm up and things started turning around some.  

I took down the heavy winter drapes and opened up the windows and just having the sun stream though the house helped immensely.  Although,  I forgot that it's not REALLY spring yet and as I'm backed up against a city there are no leaves on the trees yet to block out the lights. :/ Fail.  Still it's nice to have the light during the day.  I also got back into the kitchen this week and now I've learned to make my own ricotta cheese I think I'm obsessed.  Next up we're going to try mozzarella. Hopefully you'll all know how that went next update!

I paired it with some pasta and vegan meatballs. Yumness. Next week I have a short week so  hopefully I can get back on track with some nail designs! I hope things are going well for all of you! :)

Aloha, oe, aloha oe, e ke onaona noho i ka lipo...

It's the final day of nature week with The Digital Dozen! Today I have some plumeria flowers.  Funny story: I have always hated the smell of plumeria flowers.  This past September I went to Maui with my husband and there were these gorgeous white flowers EVERYWHERE. They grow ALL over the island and they smell absolutely magical. Well ladies and gents: they're plumeria's. So then I got to thinking how incredibly different and fake the plumeria scented stuff I hate is. forward to our second to last day on the island, I spotted a different colored version of the plumeria's.  It was a pinkish purple color. I smelled it and BAM! Nasty.  So the moral of the story is that there are different types of plumeria and they range in scent from a heavy rose type scent to citrus-like to chocolatey!  Anyway I hope you enjoy them and I hope you enjoyed the week with us! Check out the other girls art below!

You're miles away and yesterday you were here with me...

For today's nature look with the Digital Dozen I've continued my seasons theme with these autumn leaves.  I tried to mix up the colors so they'd change in different directions but I think my nails were too short for that theory and they ended up looking a bit of a mess! At any rate I love autumn and the way the leaves change and color everything so brilliantly! So I wanted to capture that in my design. I also love camping and bonfires and tights! lol...all great things that happen in the autumn time! What's your favorite season?

Shall I compare thee to a summers day?

Continuing with my nature theme and my seasons theme, today we have SUMMER! I really can't wait for summer this year because I have loads of amazing plans.  It's a time for beaches and road trips and concerts and just...relaxing and having fun.  I went with a beach theme here because I think it's such a standard summer theme.  This is actually a combination of a few techniques.  The wave nails are a combination of water marbling, sponging, and needle marbling and then of course there is some sponging and whatnot going on with the sandy nail.  I wanted to do sort of a crashing wave effect. I think it came out pretty nicely!  I hope you're enjoying our nature week! Stay tuned tomorrow for the final day!  Check out the other girls art below. :)

He can call me flower...

So following my winter themed nails are these spring themed ones! It's actually starting to feel like spring here finally and I couldn't be more ready for warmer weather.  Although now it's warm it seems like it rains everyday! Oh well...rain is better than snow any day in my book!  I used a neon green for the leaves in this and I like that it's a bright effect BUT I think the pattern is sort of lost because of it.  :/ Don't forget to check out the other ladies art below! 

 Guess who else is happy for spring and sunshine? ;)

The Digital Dozen Does....NATURE!!

It's time for another week of art with The Digital Dozen! I apoologize for my complete lack of posts lately. My CFS has been kicking my butt. At any rate though, this week we're doing a nature theme. Naturally my mind went straight to seasons so we're starting out today with the most dreaded of seasons; winter. I came up with this idea to do trees in a gloomy winter forest. After I did it I was perusing the web and found out that another Digital Dozener, Sassy Shelly, did almost the exact same thing for our Winter Wonderland challenge week!  So maybe it stuck in my head and maybe not but either way I love the way they came out! You can check out her version by clicking here!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies art below!!

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