...blame it on the timing like the planets aren't aligning


This is just a simple look I did while playing with my new Zoya's. The base on this is a nice deep shimmery navy and it reminded me of a night sky so I decided to do some fun moon art over the top. 

I'll be honest, I'm not super impressed with the Zoya Intriguing collection. Yes the colors have the same amazing formula that most Zoya's do. They are opaque in two coats and dry to a delicious, glossy shine...but the actual colors are just so disappointing, There is a cool new Pixie and other than that they're pretty much your standard shimmery colors. Nothing super exciting or new and I just felt really bored with it in general. Anyhow here's one of the standouts, Meredith, and the plate over the top is MoYou London Scandi 09. :)

They took some honey from a tree...

I couldn't resist putting a little bee nail art over this polish from Zoya. I'm not huge on yellow polishes, my skin tone is too pink to be flattered by them.  This one is pretty and almost pastel though even though it has a nice bright kick to it as well. The little bees are just too cute floating across. ;)

Art: Zoya Bee, Raven
Stamp: Moyou London Animal 04

'Twas the wild flowers I preferred...

Recently I got some of the Born Pretty overprint stamps. I really like the idea of these although they are a little tricky to use at first! I think it's also important to use polishes that are very opaque or designed for stamping or the design kind of gets lost. This is one of the first ones I attempted. It came out pretty decent but I can't wait to play with them some more! :)

Art done with:
Zoya Rie, Snow White, Raven, and Color Club Almost Famous. 
Stamp: Born Pretty Overprint L001

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