You have just made a s-s-s-serious mistake, my friend.

11:20 AM

At the time I did this mani I considered it a big fail!  It was an attempt to use my brand new butterLONDON polish Lovely Jubbly but once I had the accent nail on I couldn't figure out what to do with the rest of it.  So then I decided (why, I have no idea) to try out some snake print.  I'm thinking that it might have been a good idea to add a second layer of snake print in a darker color over the top of the original...but slightly askew. I used Barry M Silver Foil to make the print and it was just standing out WAY too much on the base of Essence Gabriella.  So...I first tried putting some glitter over it to dull it a bit but without taking too much away from the accent.  You can still see it on my pinkie nail.  I used one swipe of Barry M Pink Iridescence.  But it wasn't giving me the muted effect I wanted.  Then I was going to scrap the whole thing and start over but...LIGHT BULB MOMENT!  I decided to use my new glossy Zoya's! So I swiped a quick coat of Katherine over the silver parts and...voila!! It's a muted purple color and it seems much less disjointed than the flat silver. I also went ahead and added a coat over the Lovely Jubbly.  It muted all the silver and made it a purple/blue/red glitter.  Pretty. :)  I'm still not in love with this but I think it came out really nice and I'm LOVING that the glosses are giving me endless options with my mani's.  One or two coats of any of them can really change up your look.  Even Zoya themselves is getting in on the layer craze by showing you how to turn your summer colors into fall colors with just a few coats of jelly!  I love jellies anyway but I'm telling you guys, you NEED this gloss set.  So in honor of that...and the fact that I completely missed the 500 followers mark!! I'm giving one away!! Watch for it later today and thanks again for following!

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  1. Oh I love these which plate did you used?

  2. This is a fabulous mani and I actually love the pinkie nail!

  3. I think a jelly/gloss over a stamp or striping looks awesome. Good way to salvage a possible disasticure (although I kind of doubt it was THAT bad ;))


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