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7:00 AM

Day three of the five day Blue Challenge is here!! In case you're just starting to read along, myself and eleven other lovely ladies are part of a nail art challenge group called The Digit-al Dozen!  We're going to have a five day challenge every month and this month's challenge is blue!  So for the next three days, blue art will be popping up daily!  A fun fact about blue: It's 80% of American's favorite color! I prefer green myself, but hey...I do love a good blue!!  Moving on to the additional rule I've made myself...even though it's NOT part of the actual Digit-al Dozen challenge I have given myself the task of completing this five day challenge by only ADDING art to the existing mani. No removing and starting over and no removal of existing design. It's a tough challenge but I'm feeling good about it so far!!  This is day three.  I added some white stripes with an LA Nail Art polish and then added another coat of Seche Vite.  I'm loving the stripes still and I'm super loving the way the white makes them pop!! Thanks for following and don't forget to check up on the other ladies!!

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  1. Love! Reminds me of Bananas in Pajamas! :)

    1. I was just going to write that!! This looks really cute and comfy lol

  2. love it - such a fabulously COLD combo. Really great x

  3. It's really funny watching this mani fall apart in reverse. Perhaps I should've started from the beginning.


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