A Week Of Shimmer Polish: Erica

7:00 AM

Today I have another gorgeous Shimmer Polish for you as promised!  Here we have Erica.  Erica is described as a Crystal Periodot Glitter Polish. She leans greenish and goldish and also a little blue-ish. Overall it's sort of a holographic green but as you can see from the macro shot below, she definitely has some other colors to her! There is also an intense amount of silver holographic glitter in Erica and boy does she shimmer!


You can tell from the macro shot that there is mostly holographic silver glitter in this polish and only micro green glitter.  Still the overall effect is greenish.  Erica had the same formula as Tracy and was a little on the thick side but nothing difficult to handle.  The coverage was a little more sparse than with Tracy -- two coats of Erica, above, still left some bare spots on my nail.  But three coats would have likely given full coverage and I think these are awesome in that you can layer them as a glitter top coat or go all out with full coverage. You literally don't even have to move your hand for them to sparkle and they light up in any light and at all angles! Gorgeous.

You can purchase ShimmerPolish directly from her Etsy site for $12 each.  She also makes amazing custom polishes for just a little more. This polish was sent to me for my honest review.

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