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So you all know I've been doing a Project Runway series this year.  I don't know why but I feel like this season is some of the least inspired designers to date.  I just can't really get into any of the contestants.  My favorite? Buffi Jashanmal.  Who, incidentally went out very early in the season.  Not that I really thought Buffi was going to make it to NYFW because let's face it, her aesthetic is not very public friendly.  Girlfriend is rocking leopard print hair for Pete's sake!  But I loved her bubbly personality and her fun outfits.  Despite having a wholly unappreciated style, she managed to stay true to herself and make things that were always fun to look at!  And...OK I totally loved her accent too!! She's kind of like an untamed Betsey Johnson and we all know I love Betsey.  So I decided to do some tribute nails to my favorite fun designer this year.  Below is my tribute. These are very similar to the nails Buffy was rocking on her very last challenge day.

I used Barry M Cyan and Shocking pink for the bases and then sponged Orly Luxe onto the tips of the blue ones. :)  Happy nails!  Thanks for following along with me!!

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