Splash back...

For quite some time now I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the OPI Color Paints collection.  I love the idea of a sheer but highly pigmented polish that can be used for blending and layering.  It seems like everywhere I went though, all I could find was the mini collection so finally after months I caved and just bought it.  Then, sure enough a WEEK later I found some full sized ones. Story of my life!  At any rate I now have a solid mix of them and even though I have lots of jellies and the new Essie sheers collection, these are a great addition to my collection.  They're quite a bit more opaque than my other jellies but they're still sheer enough to layer up.  Also, they stain. HELLA bad. So be sure to use them OVER other polishes!  Here's a quick look I did with them the first day I had them. They're layered over the silver polish in the collection which creates a SUPER cool metallic look in the sun!  Really in love with these all the way round!

Zoya Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Today I have the other half of the new Zoya collection for you!  This is the Focus collection.  Its pretty standard for Zoya in that it's a collection of six cremes which compliment the metallic collection for this season. As always these are all two coats no top coat. Above we have Sia, a true, royal blue cream. Zoya recommends base coat with this one but honestly, I rarely use base coat and I had no staining with it.  I LOVE the bright color. 

Next up we have Desiree. Desiree is a cool toned, classic, sable brown cream.  I think this one was a favorite for me.  It's such a rich shade and it's absolutely perfect for fall.

Then we have Charli, a dusty taupe cream that has a hint of green.  This one looks sort of like an army green to me although it's more greyed and muted than a true green. It's a great neutral shade!

Then we come to Lidia. This one hated me for some reason. It's a lovely eggplant cream but it just kept coming up streaky for me. I will point out that in person, this looked fine but in pictures it looks quite patchy and not as shiny as the others. Just wasn't a favorite for me.

So then we have the reds.  This bright, classic red cream is Hannah. I'm not in love with reds but it was very flattering and as you can see it's nice and even and shiny.

Finally we come to Janel.  Janel is also a red but she's much deeper and warmer than Hannah.  I actually liked this one better BUT I felt that Hannah was more flattering on my skin tone.  Overall this is a really nice collection for fall! My favorites are definitely Sia and Desiree. What are your must have colors?

**These polishes were sent to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinions**

Zoya Fall 2015 Flair Collection

Today I have half of the Zoya Fall 2015 collection for you! This is the Flair collection, six gorgeous metallic shades for Fall.  I really didn't have any issues with these metallic as far as formula and application. I found Cinnamon to be a tad on the thick side but otherwise they were really a dream.  So let's get on to looking!! Above we have Aggie.  Zoya describes her as a holo but she's most decidedly a duochrome. It's a bronze/gold tone which leans green in certain lights.  I found the shift to be much more obvious in the bottle than on the nail but there is still a really pretty change in tone as you move your nails.

 Here we have Estelle.  She's a bright yet deep blue.  This one is REALLY a stunner on your nails!

 Just look how she sparkles in the sun!

This one is Cinnamon, a deep brown/bronze shade.  Cinnamon was a bit thicker than the others for me but this is still two easy coats. This one is a favorite of mine!

Then we come to Giada.  Purely because I'm not a huge fan of purples, Giada wasn't my favorite but she's a deep, rich purple with loads of shimmer. No staining on this one either which is always a win!

Ember was another meh color for me. Reds just aren't my thing. It's a nice, flattering shade though!

Finally we have Tris.  I couldn't help but be excited about this one having recently watched Insurgent (books are WAY better btw).  She's a steely, shimmery nickel tone. I love that this one isn't just a flat grey tone.  It leans a touch brown or khaki even but it's still very much grey.

Here is Tris in full sun! Her true grey tone comes out more here!!  Which one is your favorite?
**These colors were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.**

Teal triangles...

Hello everyone! I was asked to do a guest post for Polish Those Nails, so today you can hop over there and check out this post on her blog!! She is featuring lots of cool bloggers and she has some super awesome art of her own as well. :)  I was so excited to do the guest post and then I drew a total blank on what kind of design I was going to do! If you're familiar with me already you probably know that when I'm just not feeling inspired I generally default to some sort of leopard design. I love leopard because it's so easy to play with it and make it unique and it's also super easy, completely fail proof and a universally flattering pattern.  That being said I instead decided to do these nails for you.  I started with Zoya Talia (although the bottle I'm holding in the picture is Cecilia. Oops!) and then went to mu trusted Barry M Gold Foil for the details.  I love geometric patters and I also love to do sort of dainty patterns so this one mixed those things together quite nicely.  Also, teal and gold? YES PLEASE!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Stop, drop and roll...

You're on FIIIIRREEEE...lol. Some of you might know that I recently purchased a set of Essie Silk Watercolor polishes.  Let me just say,  I am in love with these polishes. They're just incredibly fun to play with. They're nicely sheer and you can really swirl and blend them BUT they can also be straight applied to your nail with a nice jelly effect. I've spent a considerable amount of time playing with different things with them.  These nails were kind of just intended as a swirly gradient type thing but they really remind me of a burning flame. Especially the ring finger.  Bonus: these were done entirely using the bottle brush!  Winning.

Is that a TEAL leopard?

Why yes...yes it is!! These nails were inspired by....I don't know what really. Lol...I started out with the gold nails and then I wanted to do something over the top so it wasn't just glitter with a solid nail.  Leopard is almost always my default pattern. It's SOOO easy to do and you can really pull it off in nearly any color combination.  I was a bit concerned about it looking a little messy or muddled over the glitter but it really turned out quite nicely.  Of course then I thought the teal nail needed something so I added the gold leopard down the middle and I think that sort of ruined things a but BUT...you win some you lose some!  :) Overall still one of my favorite nail designs recently.  Thanks for following!

SUPER Saturday...

OK ya'll, first let me say...I know it's Sunday and not Saturday!! Over the course of the past four years this blog has had some major changes.  Mostly in the way of my skills improving! It's also been given a new look and I've added and dropped some things.  It's been through it's share of changes.  So I wanted to see if perhaps it can withstand another change. You see, as some of you may already know, I actually have TWO blogs.  My other blog is a lifestyle blog and frankly...it's really fallen through the cracks.  When I first started it I had a lot more time than I do now and running two blogs wasn't so much of a challenge.  Now, however, I struggle at times to keep up with even this blog. So I'm doing a little overhaul here and I'm going to start incorporating BOTH my blogs into one blog; this one.  Now don't panic!!  This blog has always and WILL always be primarily nail art based.  But I bet most of you know that I have other interests....things like....

food!! I'm sure I've mentioned numerous times that I'm a vegetarian.  Did you also know that I'm a HUGE foodie?  I love cooking and eating and I'm in the kitchen A LOT.  We also started gardening last year and are having loads of fun with that! Also...

beauty products and makeup.  I'm certainly no make-up artist or anything but I LOVE beauty products!  I have tons and tons of them.  I recently overhauled my entire face care routine and switched over to these Ole Henricksen products (which are cruelty free btw!).  My skin has never looked better.

Along with skin care and beauty products is probably Eco-friendly and holistic products.  I have a chronic pain/fatigue syndrome as many of you know and I switched over from medications to essential oils for my primary treatment of ailments roughly a year ago.  I'm still learning about how to use them but they've been a real lifesaver for me.

Then with that probably would come yoga and fitness.  I do some type of workout seven days a week and yoga is a frequent choice for me.  I've actually begun working out in hour increments with the first half hour incorporating cardio, rebounder, or weight training and the second being yoga.  I find the extra stretching included with the yoga at the end really cuts down on post workout soreness.

At the end of the day the point is....I'm more than just nails!  So what I want to do is start incorporating some of that into this blog.  That being said, as the post title suggests these posts will still ONLY appear on Saturdays.  During the week you will start to see posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on Saturday you will see a post at random about any of the above topics or whatever I'm feeling at the time. The type of post will ALWAYS follow the Super Saturday title so if you're not interested in it you'll be able to easily skip over it. No hard feelings. :)  I hope this will be a way for me to connect with some of you more and broaden the topics on the blog but again, it will certainly remain primarily nails and nail art. Some Saturdays there may be a weekend update or no post at all. It's just going to depend on what I'm feeling at the time. I hope you all enjoyed last week's Digital Dozen theme AND this coming week I will have Zoya's Fall 2015 collection for you so don't forget to check back for that! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!  Thanks for indulging me for a little while. :P

Bread Course

It's the final day of food week with The Digital Dozen!! Today we wanted to do something a little different for you guys so...

Welcome to the Digital Dozen Diner! 
Please look through our menu and check out what our chef's have in store for you today! 

As you can see, you've reached the little "pre-dinner" snack here with some delicious bread.  I'm not a huge bread eater to be honest. On a regular basis I probably eat little to no bread.  However, what's better than when you're waiting for your dinner and they bring you a fancy little basket of steaming hot, crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside bread.  I love to dip mine in some seasoned olive oil or spread a nice pat of fresh butter on there....mmmm...

So here are my bread and butter nails!! I did most of them to represent a fresh baked loaf and then just one open piece with drippy, hot butter!!
I hope you enjoyed your treat and remember to tip your waitress!! Don't forget to follow the InLinkz below to head into the dinner and dessert courses, or why not swing back round and hit up breakfast or lunch?

Please Come Again,

When the moon hits your eye like...

...a big pizza pie!!  Today's nails are PIZZA!! Pizza is another one of those foods that seems to be a big favorite among people. It's not really my cup of tea but I eat it fairly often.  Every week when my bestie and I get together to play games we order some pizzas. :)  I also think it's fun that you can really do whatever you want with it and it's still pizza.  I mean...if you made a cheeseburger without the cheese it's just a burger. But you can do pizza with red sauce, white sauce, no sauce, cheese, extra cheese, no cheese...etc...and it's STILL pizza.  Kind of crazy isn't it?  My husband and I sometimes make our own pizzas and we did one a few weeks ago that had garlic butter, caramelized onions and veggie chicken bits.  It was pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  What's YOUR favorite kind of pizza?

Check out the other girls art below!!

Bring home the bacon...

Everyone loves bacon, right? Well, OK, as a vegetarian, me not so much!! But bacon has become something of a nationwide obsession.  I've seen everything from bacon mayonnaise to bacon lip balm to bacon lubricant for...uh...intimate occasions. :P  I don't know when it became the new big thing BUT I felt it was about time for some bacon nails and what better time than food week?  These nails were actually dead easy to do as well and they came out pretty great! Loads of people recognized and appreciated them. :)  Are you a fan of bacon? What's the weirdest bacon themed thing you've seen?  Be sure to check out the other girls art below!!

Four carrots please...

It's the second day of our food challenge and once again I've chosen a design which works well with my current nail shape.  I actually started out with the idea of doing peas and carrots and doing a little pea pod on my accent nail but in the end I just didn't love the way it came out.  I kind of waffled about how to do the stripes too.  Who knew carrots could be so hard?  Lol ultimately I really liked the end result though.  They shouldn't be all the same since let's face it, carrots aren't all the same in real life either!  I hope you enjoyed these and don't forget to check out the other girls designs below!!

The Digital Dozen does....FOOD!

It's time for another week of fun nail art with The Digital Dozen.  This week our challenge was food (which can include snacks).  I'm a HUGE foodie so I was super excited about this challenge but the more I got into it the more I realized that it's trickier than you'd think to get food to translate when you're putting it on your nails.  I started out with these ice cream cones.  I like that they worked with my nail shape and it's also one of those things I've just always wanted to try out but never had the cause or motivation.  We've got a lot of fun things planned for this week so be sure to come back everyday to see what's next!! :)  Check out the other girls art below!

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