New Years Roundup! Part 2!

I hope all of you are having a brilliant (and SAFE!!) New Years!! Here is the round up of my top 5 most popular posts of 2011.  And before I post my VERY LAST (sad) post for this year, I want to thank Debbie over at The Crumpet, for inspiring this blog with her own top ten most popular posts!! Enjoy everyone and thank you so much for following along with me this year! Hope the next one is even better!

Without further ado:

Number 5:

My very first attempt at needle marbling. Popular I'm sure because this is a relatively new technique (from what I've heard) and lots of people are starting to try it out. I really had fun doing these and they didn't take long at all but looked pretty intricate on my nail. :)

Number 4:

Oh yes. THESE nails. I honestly hated these nails. REALLY hated. In fact I didn't even bother with cleanup on them because the second that picture was over I took them off. I really don't know what it is that bothers me so much about them but I just REALLY didn't like them at all. They came out nothing like I'd planned. And GAH! Look at that awful lighting. This is another early March posting. I think the only reason these get so many hits is because everytime someone types "symphony" into Goolge, these pop up.

Number 3:

Mamegoma nails! These also came from my Week of San-X posts. I love Mamegoma. I may do more of them in the future because they're really just too cute not to!

Number 2: 

My Deborah Lippmann Dance Music set swatches. People love swatches. I won't pretend to be great at them because there are certainly better swatchers out there. But I was quite proud of these ones because the lighting was right, the colors were accurate and the painting job was one of the neatest I've had. So I'm pretty satisfied that they made it to the top ten!

And...the moment you've all been waiting for...the NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR BLOG OF 2011 is....

My Reindeer nails for the 31 Days of Christmas challenge! I actually wasn't a HUGE fan of these nails. I thought they could have been better, but then I'm a bit of a perfectionist which is not always a good thing when you're doing nail art. They really have turned out to be my most popular design of all time and got about 250 likes on Instagram. Crazy times. I'm glad you all liked them though! :)

Thanks so much for following along with me! Did your favorite post make it to the top ten?

New Years Roundup!

The end of the year has finally arrived!!  I'm so ready to start a new year and I have so many wonderful things to look forward to in 2012!  So for my New Year's post (and my last two posts of the 2011!) I'm going to do a round-up of the most popular posts I did in 2011.  Some of them are older, and some of them are newer and it's fairly easy to tell which are which! I've definitely learned a lot this year and in January I plan to do a then and now blog with some of the things I've learned since I started on this nail art journey just over a year ago. :) Enjoy!

Number 10:

Candy Cane inspired nails from the 31 Day Christmas Challenge. I really don't know why these were so popular. I kind of lazed out on them. I really wanted to do some lovely stripes, which I ended up doing anyway for my Christmas Day mani. The base is one of my most favorite polish colors of all time though: China Glaze Ruby Pumps. So pretty and sparkly.

Number 9:

My very first Dupes Up post and my very first holo polishes. This post is from March, a mere three months into my nail art addiction. You can really tell too! Just look at that awful cleanup and those dry cuticles! Ah! It's terrible. But we all start somewhere, right? I'm sure these are popular because people love holo's AND comparison posts.

Number 8:

A two-fer! My Pokemon nails! I was really pleased with how these turned out. They're also from March so the awful cleanup is still in play! But these really took me HOURS and they were the most intricate thing I'd done to date. I even had to mix colors for some of the balls. I got a lot of good feedback on these and I'm sure the popularity stems from the Pokemon craze. My favorite ball: the dive ball.

Number 7:

These are from my Week of San-X. My Tarepanda nails. I really love the San-X characters and they don't get nearly as much love as the Sanrio ones. These were the first art nails I'd done in awhile and I was (and still am!) working on improving my art skills. Patterns are a bit easier because if they go pear shaped you can work it into the design. But characters are another story! They came out pretty nice but I hated the glow in the dark coat I added on the top. They were done in a cabin on a West Virginia vacation though, so I feel good about it!

Number 6:

My first Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge. Your oldest nail polish. Lol...I actually ended up loving the color I had so I'm glad I did this challenge. The art wasn't half bad either!

Number 5:

My first 31 Days of Christmas post. These came out totally different than I expected them to. And I was in a hurry and stamped them too quickly, thus mashing the stamp and the polish. Yuck. But I'm glad you guys were interested in the challenge! Did any of you join in?

Thanks for reading and don't forget to tune in tomorrow to see the top five most popular blog posts of 2011!!  I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season and have a happy new year!


Put your Dupes Up: As Gold As It Gets vs. Here Comes the Queen

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:

Deborah Lippmann: Here Comes the Queen from the Juicy Couture exclusive three pack
Retail cost: $16 ($48 for a set of three)
Essie: As Gold As it Gets from the Luxe Effects collection.
Retail Cost: $8

Photo taken in natural light.

A close up shot of the bottle shows that the two are nearly identical.  They're both gold glitters in clear jelly bases and both have a coppery gold shimmer to them.  The glitter is not uniform and is almost a tiny flake type glitter rather than your standard round, square or hex shape.

Photo taken outdoors.  (Overcast)
 I swatched these over both black and white polish.  The effect over white is very subtle.  Even in person you don't get much gold from one coat though the subtle shimmer is nice.  This is one coat each over Hard Candy The End and Ulta Snow White.  You can already tell from the black swatches that that Lippmann glitter is much more compact.  One coat of it nearly covers the nail with flecky gold glitter while the Essie is a bit more sparse.  

Photo taken indoors. Artificial light.
Indoors the effect is a bit more pronounced but it's still apparent that the Lippmann has more oomph per swipe.

Photo taken indoors. Artificial light.

 A close up of the black swatch.  The Lippmann is on the left and the Essie on the right.

And the white.  Since the jelly base is clear it's really more of a glittery effect than an overall gold appearance.  I like the Essie but I think I like the Lippmann better.  It's more expensive, sure, but since you get double the effect in every coat it seems to me the cost is really roughly the same.  One thing is for certain, while they may not be EXACT dupes owing to the Lippman's more compact glitter you could certainly use two coats of Essie to achieve the same effect.  If you're looking for a flecky gold glitter this season, one of these two is sure to satisfy the want!

Essie As Gold As It Gets can be purchased at Ulta and drugstores nationwide. Deborah Lippmann Here Comes the Queen  is available exclusively through 

Thanks for following! Do you have either of these polishes?

31 Days of Christmas: Lazy Nails

I can't believe Christmas is already over!! It came and went so quickly this year I didn't even have much time to enjoy it. I spent most of Christmas and Christmas Eve at my parents house and I ended up playing all manner of silly games with my niece! She also got a Dippin Dots maker AND a Blizzard maker from my brother and we got to make a complete mess making ice cream and soda dots. Whoever decided an ice cream maker for children should require you to turn the cream for 10 FULL minutes was clearly not using their head. So guess who ended up churning cream for forever? Lol...but I digress. Here are my lazy day nails for the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge. I used Orly Ma Cherie for the base on the red nails and Deborah Lippmann Do Ya Think I'm Sexy for the glitter. The gold nail is Barry M Gold Foil with Milani Gems in Gold over the top. They got quite a few compliments for being so simple! Thanks for following!  I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Day

My camera is still on the fritz so this is another Instagram pic.  But it's my Christmas Day mani for the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge. This mani used Ulta Snow White for a base and then Konad Red polish for the red stripes. I got the green color that is used from my Secret Santa on the Polish Aholics Anonymous group.  The girl who sent my Secret Santa really rocked it out!  She chose one polish from my wishlist which is the one I used here: China Glaze Watermelon Rind.  Then she made me some great stuff and sent me two polishes from a brand I've never used. 

Here they are! My SS was Stephanie. She actually MADE this cute little bag and the earrings which are beautiful. I haven't gotten around to trying all the stickers and polishes but the blue color in the middle is a one coater with lovely shimmer to it.  I can't wait to use them for my nail art!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I can't wait to show you all the wonderful things I got! :)

Thanks for following!

31 Days of Christmas: Santa

I'm trying to get back on track with the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge. Today is supposed to be Santa nails! I was actually kind of excited to do this one because back in November before I knew there would be a Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Day challenge, I was playing with designs on nail wheels and this was one I came up with. It's a similar theme to what I did for my Elf nails but with a santa suit instead!  I think they came out pretty nice.  I thought about doing a matte coat on the red so that it would look more velvety but I ended up making the whole thing shiny instead!  Fun fact: I never believed in Santa as a child.  So I didn't get to have that coming of age "mom and dad lied to me!" moment when I learned he wasn't real!  I feel deprived! :P

Enjoy and thanks for following!

Base coat is: China Glaze Riveter Rouge
Santa done with: Orly Luxe and Models Own Black Nail Art PenRouge

31 Days of Christmas: Glitter Bomb

Well it looks like I got a little flummoxed about the days for the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge. Seems that I should have posted my glitterbomb yesterday instead of the pudding nails. But, alas, it's too late now! The one rule of the challenge and I've already broken it! lol...still I'm going to keep trying to complete all the mani's!  So here's my late and untimely Christmas glitterbomb.  I used China Glaze Love Marylin (from the gorgeous new Eye Candy 3D glitter collection) and then added a coat of OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air.  After that I alternated coats of the two for a total of four coats.  It was much more sparkly than this picture makes it look!  But still, very Christmas-y!

Enjoy and thanks for following!

31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Pudding

So it's Day 21 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means it's time for Christmas pudding!  I have to start by apologizing for the picture.  My camera decided to eat the original picture so, like a seasoned pro (or a panicked newb, your choice!) I pulled one off my Instagram.  The colors are actually fairly accurate though so I'm not too sad about the pic-tastrophe.  Anyway I wanted to do something that looked like a traditional pudding so I recycled the technique I used for my Bleeding Love Halloween mani and madea pudding with a glaze on top.  I used a rather sheer cream for the tips so that the brown would still show through like a real glaze and I'm actually fairly pleased with the results.  Of course, being that here in the states hardly anyone knows what a Christmas pudding looks doesn't really matter one way or the other I suppose!! But I had fun doing them!

Enjoy and thanks for following!

Base is: Etude House Matte in Purple Milkyway and then two coats of OPI Holiday Glow
Glaze is: Essie Walk Me Down The Aisle
Holly is: China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Glittering Garland

31 Days of Christmas: Nativity

So it's Day 20 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and today's theme is The Nativity.  I was a little bit freaking out about this one.  I am NOT good at drawing faces or people (unless stick figures count!)  so I knew that even attempting to put the actual nativity on my nails would be a hot mess.  And seriously, who wants to be the person who made baby Jesus look a mess? Not me.  So I decided to go with a more abstract version of the Nativity.  Obviously some aspects of it are missing but I think I covered the important parts.  Just in case my art is TOO abstract, I'll break it down for you!  The thumb is the manger.  No baby Jesus can be seen but I used gold to represent hay and also possibly the sort of 'glow' he seems to have in certain depictions.  The index is meant to represent Mary.  In all the nativity I've seen she always has a white under gown, white head piece and blue cloak on.  The middle is representative of Joseph so it's his cane.  The ring finger is the star and the pinky is a sheep.  I know what you're thinking...wouldn't an angel have been a better choice than the sheep?  And you're probably right.  But I love sheep and let's face it, they're cuter than angels any day of the week! :P

Enjoy and thanks for following!

Colors are:
Thumb: Models Own Concrete Mixer, China Glaze Ingrid, Catrice In the Bronx, and Orly Luxe
Index: Ulta Snow White and China Glaze Aqua Baby
Middle: Essie Sand Tropez, China Glaze Ingrid, and Catrice In the Bronx
Ring: Orly Stone Cold, MFL Space Lift,and butterLONDON Diamond Geezer
Pinky: China Glaze Recycle, Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black, and Ulta Snow White

31 Days of Christmas: Candles

Well I'm finally caught up ladies (and possibly gentlemen!)! It's day 19 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means today's inspiration is candles.  I immediately knew I wanted to work a menorah into this one! And today was the perfect day for it.  I know it doesn't have the proper number of candles.  I did try to do two on each nail but it just didn't look as pretty.  And the bottom doesn't fit as perfectly under the candles as I wanted either but you can still see what's going on here! All in all I think it came out rather nice! :)

Enjoy and thanks for following!  

Base coat is: China Glaze Blue Years Eve
Candles done with: butterLONDON Diamond Geezer and Orly Orange Punch

31 Days of Christmas: Favorite Christmas Carol

Day 18 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge is your favorite Christmas carol/song. My favorite Christmas song has and probably always will be White Christmas.  Nothing is better than Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. :)  I love the song, the movie...the everything.  Though it doesn't look like it will be a white Christmas here this year. :(  I also LOVE the song Baby It's Cold Outside, but only when sung by Zooey Deschanel (who I may or may not have a total girl crush on. But she's GORGEOUS and so classy).  Anyway...this is kind of a combo theme.  I HATE the crackle I did on the accent nail but it wasn't super noticeable anyway!  

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's your favorite Christmas song?

Base on nails is: Essie Like Linen followed with one coat of Piggy Paint in I and Love and Blue and then one coat of China Glaze SnowGlobe.  Accent nail has a single coat of China Glaze Lightening Bolt.

31 Days of Christmas: Fairy Lights

So it's time for Day 16 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means today's inspiration is Fairy Lights.  I wasn't super creative on this one! I just did a line of fairy lights trailed across my nails! But it was super sparkly and pretty!  It looks a little gritty in this picture but it didn't look like that in real life.  I need a new camera badly!! Hear that Santa?

Enjoy and thanks for following! 

Base is: GOSH Metallic Green with two coats of Orly Here Comes Trouble
Tips are: China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Fairy Lights are: Models Own Black Nail Art Pen, and Orly Lunar Eclipse, Stone Cold, and Rococo A GoGo

31 Days of Christmas: Snowmen

You'll have to forgive my lateness on these challenges.  I'm never late.  Ever.  But I've been having some serious migraines lately amd it's hindering my ability to do much uploading.  These are my nails for the snowman challenge.  I really wasn't excited about these and I've seen a bunch that are better than mine!  But they came out pretty well considering!
Enjoy and thanks for following!

Base is: Ulta Snow White
Followed that on all nails with one coat of Nails Inc. The Old Vic and then added a coat on all nails but accent of China Glaze SnowGlobe.  
Snowman is: Hard Candy The End and Orly Orange Punch

31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Tree

Day 14 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge has arrived! Today's inspiration is Christmas trees. I had literally NO time to get these nails together so I cheated a bit (gotta love Seche Vite) and just took off the top layers of yesterdays art to put on these. Instead of warming up the Essie Bone Chilling I just threw a coat of Essie Luxe Effects in Pure Pearlfection on top for some shimmer and then stamped on ornaments using China Glaze Glittering Garland and Poinsettia.  The gold tops of the ornaments are Color Club Gingerbread Man and I made a little dot tree with the same green plus some China Glaze Cha Cha Cha and a bit of Orly Prince Charming.  I think the tree would have come out better with more space between the dots.  But you get the idea!!  Also sorry for the poor lighting.  I've been up at the crack of dawn and home late most nights so I haven't seen sunlight in forever! Gotta love the holidays!

Enjoy and thanks for following! 

31 Days of Christmas: Angels

So it's day 13 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means today's inspiration is angels.  Is anyone else in total shock that today is December 13th? Where is the time going?  Lucky me I have my Christmas shopping complete! And my extra sweet husband gifted me early with a Keurig coffee pot which I can't stop obsessing over.  I'm in love with it and it makes my extra hectic life so much easier!  Anyway onto the nails...I was in a hurry today so this is another stamped mani.  The base coat is Essie Bone Chiling and it was kind of stark for my taste so I warmed it up with some Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls and then I added a coat of Essie Luxe Effects in As Gold as it Gets.  To top it off and make it more angel-y I added some gold feathered "wings" with some Color Club Gingerbread Man.  Enjoy and thanks for following!!

Is your Christmas shopping complete?

31 Days of Christmas: Reindeer/Rudolph

It's day 12 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means it's time for reindeer.  I have to admit I was really unmotivated to do this mani.  I knew what I wanted to do right off...Santa's sleigh and then reindeer pulling it across my nails.  But unfortunately, reindeer are no easy task and I just don't have time to do much free handing today.  So I perused through my stamps and found that not only do I have a reindeer stamp...I also have a sleigh!  So here we have some five minute reindeer nails!  The base coat for these is Barry M Blue Moon and over that I added a coat of a polish I bought from Beanie at My Blue Lacquer called Space Lift. Then I stamped on the sleigh and reindeer and added a little red nose for Rudolph in the lead!

Enjoy and thanks for following!!

Nail Mail Win!!

Recently I've been doing a lot of swapping.  I mean...A LOT.  The thing is, all the polishes I have access to I either already have or I don't really care for.  And it seems like companies just keep making the same polishes over and over again.  Lame.  So I've been enlisting the help of some amazing polish pals like Debbie and Claire to get my hands on some UK brands.  One of my favorite UK polish brands is Barry M.  Ever since I got my first three I just need to have them ALL.  And awhile back the amazing Debbie made my Barry M dreams come true when she snagged a bunch of them for a deal and offered them up to her fellow polish addicts!  Over the course of a week or so we ended up throwing a few more polishes on the list and then about a week ago I finally received the box from her.  It was EPIC.  Above is the box when I first opened it.  Already you can see that it's PACKED with polishes.  There were about 10 that we had agreed on her sending...and this is what was in the box:

Eighteen glorious polishes!!  The bottom two rows are the ones I knew were coming.  From left to right top row we have: Barry M Gold Foil, Coral, Cyan Blue, and Essence Chuck and Blair. Bottom row is a Franken Debbie made called TheAdorable Emma (named after fellow blogger Emma!), Barry M Blue Moon, Pink Flamingo, Models Own Aqua Violet, Barry M Dusky Mauve and Green Glitter. The top row was a COMPLETE surprise to me!! And it's all gorgeous.  Left to right we have: Sally Hansen Chrome in Royal Purple, Rimmel Millenium and Pop Idol, A Boots Mini from the Strictly Come Dancing Set called Sparkle, Sally Hansen Color Fast in Magic Frost, Essence African Queens in Zanzibar Fever, and Barry M Once Upon a Time (something I've been lemming like MAD forever!).  Epic swap!  :)  I would have taken more pictures but I was so eager to start playing with these that I pretty much immediately started swatching them one nail at a time!! Thanks so much Debbie!! (More nail mail wins to come from Claire, who sent me the SWEETEST Christmas swap package!!)

Have you ever gotten amazing nail mail? 

PS: Aoife loved the swap package too...she was so excited to get those peanuts out of there!!

31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Wrapping

So it's day 11 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means it's time for Christmas wrapping! I'm not going to even sugar coat it: this challenge was SUPER hard for me.  I wanted to make little presents out of my nails but no matter how many ways I tried it I hated the results.  I don't know why but the sight of little bows and ribbons on my nails just drove me to madness.  I went through my polish collection over and over and over and couldn't find any colors I wanted to use and it just seemed that everything I tried was a proper mess.  Then some wrapping caught my eye.  A few years back one of my local retailers discontinued Martha Stewart wrapping paper and, like the good little Martha lover I am, I snatched up a ton of it and have been storing it in my closet so that I can keep using it into infinity.  People in my family will probably still be getting Martha wrapped presents when I'm 80.  She had a winter wonderland-ish theme to some of her paper and it has a beautiful light blue and silver theme.  So I decided to take a more simple route and just do the paper rather than actual wrapped presents!

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's your favorite Christmas wrapping?

Base on all nails but accent is: Models Own Blue Moon with a single coat of OPI DS Sapphire over it.
Accent nail is; Make Up Store Greta
Stamped white konad polish on all nails with BM plate 222.

31 Days of Christmas: Most Festive Red

I've had a super busy week, so I apologize for this one going up late.  Wish I could blame it on blogger being stupid but this time, it's my own fault!! This is day 10 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and the task is to use your most festive red polish. I went back and forth a bit on this one.  I started out thinking I'd use Color Club's Santa's Cinnamon.  Then I decided I'd go with Barry M Red Glitter instead.  Then this gorgeous Deborah Lippmann caught my eye.  It's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and I must admit...I do.  I LOVE this red glitter.  It's like a disco ball on your nails.  Wicked sparkly and unlike any other glitter I own!  So you can see why I decided to use it!

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's the most festive red in your collection?

31 Days of Christmas: Most Festive Green

Day nine of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge is here! This one was an easy one for me. Or relatively easy anyway! I have SO many greens. But most of them are too limey or too neon or too blue for this. I've already used many of my greens for this challenge so I decided to go with one I haven't used in awhile. It's Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.  It's a gorgeous green flakie, glittery, jelly'y polish.  I only have a mini of it and I SO want a full size.  But I'll get around to it eventually!!

Enjoy and thanks for following!  What's your most festive green polish?

31 Days of Christmas: Snow Flakes

So it's day eight of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means today we're doing snowflake nails! I was a bit worried about this one because my last snowflake nails didn't come out too hot!  but this time I decided to go for something a little more subtle.  I also felt it looked a little vintage because of the colors!  I wasn't entirely happy with the snowflakes but it was pretty and sparkly on my nails and that's what counts! These also kind of remind me of the paper snowflakes I used to make as a child. I love snow! I really can't wait for lots of it! :)

Enjoy and thanks for following!  Have you ever made paper snowflakes?

Base is: China Glaze Sea Spray
Glitter is: Orly Winter Wonderland
Snowflakes done with white LA nail art pen and generic holographic glitter nail art pen.

**Side note: My auto-post didn't work for this one (shocker, I know) so I aplogize for the day late posting!)**

31 Days of Christmas: Candy Canes

It's day seven of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means today's challenge is candy canes.  I had a lot of different ideas on where to go with this one.  There are so many varieties of candy cane here.There are gobstoppers, sprees, sweetarts, mint chocolate...I can go on.  I thought of doing some rainbow-y stripes or some actual candy cane shapes on my nail.  But ultimately, I did this.  I LOVE China Glaze Ruby Pumps and I wanted to be able to use it at least once during all this Christmas madness.  So I started my mani with that and then stamped over the top with some konad white.  Easy peasy. :)

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's your favorite flavor of candy cane?

31 Days of Christmas: Elves

It's day six of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that can only mean one thing. Elves.  I was pretty worried about this one actually.  I imagined myself doing these tiny little elves on my fingers and just making a royal mess of the whole thing.  But I ultimately decided to go a little more abstract with the whole thing and do some elf-like costume art instead.  They came out pretty nice and you can definitely see that they're elf suits!  :)

Enjoy and thanks for following!

Base is Orly Wandering Vine
Belt is: Color Club Gingerbread Man
Black Models Own Nail art pen and white LA Nails art brush used for details.

31 Days of Christmas: Wreaths

So it's day five of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge  and that means today's challenge is wreaths!! I had a plan in mind to do a french mani and run it down the side of my nails like a wreath, similar to what I did for the worst polish challenge a few weeks ago. But then when I started doing it I really wasn't a fan.  It was just too much green and not enough anything else.  So I decided to go a different route.  It's not really a wreath!  It looks a bit more like mistletoe to me (and what's better than that?!) but I liked the subtlety of it on my nail.  It also gave me a chance to use one of my untried polishes and it turns out I kind of like it!  Enjoy and thanks for following!

Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?

Base on all nail but accent: OPI The Show Must Go On
Base on accent nail: CoverGirl Bronze Beauty
Mistletoe is done with needle marbling and China Glaze Glitering Garland
Berries are Deborah Lippmann Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

31 Days of Christmas: Water Marble

I can't believe it's already Day 4 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and so far, I've only missed one day!  Given that I've been wicked busy this past week, I feel pretty good about that.  Today was the water marble challenge and I'll admit, I was feeling worried.  I don't have much gold and silver polish which isn't metallic and metallics are notoriously difficult to marble. I thought about just a simple red and green but the challenge says gold and red and I didn't want to do it halfway.  So then I decided to use my China Glaze glitter to do the marble.  I know what you're thinking, you can't water marble with glitter!! But I assure you, you can!  This was done WITH water too, not a dry marble or a needle marble.  (don't worry, I'll share the secret soon enough!) The results came out REALLY nice.  I think this is my best water marble to date!!  I hope you're all enjoying the challenge with me! It's not too late to join along in the fun!

Thanks for following! Have you ever marbled with glitter?

Don't forget to check out what Debbie, Claire, Kerrie, and Emma came up with for their watermarble mani's!

Marble is done with: China Glaze Twinkle Lights and Poinsettia

31 Days of Christmas: Snow Globe

It's day three of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge  and that means today's challenge is: Snow Globes.  I really wanted to use my new China Glaze green which I snagged in a set for $4 with a pretty glitter and, guess what? A snowglobe!  So I decided to do the snowglobe on just one finger as a fun accent.  I thought the snowman was kind of cute but looking at him in the picture he seems a little wonky too me.  Oh well, he only lasted a day poor little guy!! I used to love snowglobes when I was little and we used to make them with jars and fun things from around the house!  I hope you enjoy my snowglobe nails :)

Thanks so much for following along! Have you ever made a snow globe?
Don't forget to check out what Debbie, Claire, Kerrie, and Emma came up with for their snowglobe mani's!

Base on all nails but accent is:  China Glaze Holly-Day
Base on accent nail is: Essie Like Linen with China Glaze Holly-Day tips.
Snowman made with: Ulta Snow White, Hard Candy The End, Orly Orange Punch, China Glaze Poinsettia, China Glaze Holly-Day and China Glaze Snow Globe.

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: Jelly Sandwich

It's Friday!! So you know what that means! Time for another Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge! This weeks challenge was chosen by Emma, and it will be the last Friday challenge until January since we're working our way through the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge! :)  

The theme for this week was: Jelly Sandwich

I was really excited for this one because jellies are one of my favorite finishes.  I had a ton to choose from but I decided to use a new one that my husband picked up for me recently.  It was a bit sheer on it's own, as jellies tend to be, so I layered it over another jelly with a bit more finish before I made the sandwich.  I think it came out pretty nice!! I actually have a few of the Deborah Lippmann's which are intended to create this jelly sandwich like effect (think Glitter In The Air, Across The Universe...etc.) and I think this came out as great if not better than the Lippmann's.  I love the way the glitter looks suspended between the layers and also the way it's sort of muted but still glittery. :)  

Enjoy and thanks for following! Have you ever made a jelly sandwich?

Don't forget to check out what Debbie, Claire, Kerrie, and Emma came up with for their jelly sandwich mani's!
Base is: Essie Like Linen
Jelly sandwich made with: Essie Main Squeeze and NYC Starry Silver

The Purple Crumpet Fairy: 31 Days of Christmas

December is finally here and that means one thing: Christmas nails!!  Over at The Purple Crumpet Fairy, Debbie was kind enough to make this list of challenges for the month of December.  Emma made the lovely list you see above. :)  I love this 31 Day Challenge because it's not demanding.  We're not asked to participate in everyday, but rather, the rule is that if you participate you post on the day of the challenge you did.  Easy enough for someone who gets SUPER busy this time of year like me!  I'm going to try to do as many as possible, though there are some I know I won't be able to do.  If you'd like to join in and do the challenges, we'd love to have you!! If not, that's OK too. Just sit back and enjoy the nails! :)

Day One:  What you love most about Christmas.

What I love most about Christmas is the Christmas spirit and spending time with my friends and family.  I had NO idea how to get that on my nails so I went with the thing I love second most!  Snow! Especially at night.  :)  My stamping on this got a little screwed up so you'll have to forgive the accent nail.  Stamping is still a work in progress for me and it seems like when I don't use it often my skills only decrease!  But I think overall it came out pretty nice. 

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

Base is: Barry M Navy
Glitter is: China Glaze Snow Globe

Don't forget to check out what Debbie, Claire, Kerrie, and Emma came up with for their Christmas mani's!

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