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Well this week on Project Runway was certainly...interesting!  I was actually really glad they did this challenge because I think it brought some fun to the work room and it got the contestants out of their comfort zones! The challenge was to create a piece for Heidi's children's line at Baby's 'R Us. The kids were SOOOO cute! But if it weren't bad enough that the designers were working with pint sized models, (thank God Ven was out, no? Can you just see him flipping out about REAL bodies?! The horror!) they also had to take care of 'babies' Heidi left them in the workroom.  This sparked off some of the funniest comments of all season.  Dmitry and Elena were especially disgusted to have to care for their babies while designing.  Elena even nicknamed her baby, A$*hole.  Too funny.  Fabio seemed oddly attached to his plastic child  and Melissa became completely overwhelmed.  I was shocked that this season it seems none of the remaining designers have kids! How did that happen?  Anyway I chose to base my design on this wicked cute little piece Dmitry made.  This kid looks like he just fell out of a video game and while I think it is a bit too modern for some parents personally, I'm in love with it. It's so graphic and fun!  Here are the nails!

I used butterLONDON Pillarbox Red for the base and then used a Models Own Nail Art Pen to outline and add the truck detail.  Sonjia won this week for her boys outfit which was warranted.  It was much more accessible to the average mom.  Christopher also won with his girls outfit which was SO cute even though the mother of his model seemed embarrassed by it.  Elena went home this week and I really felt like it was unwarranted. Melissa should have gone home for sure since her whole outfit was basically a throwaway.  But I digress. Did your favorite win this week?

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Jewli came up with this week!!

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  1. This Project Runway collection disappointing me. I had just thought we would get through a season without a silly challenge like making designs from stuff picked up at a pet supply store...and in came the crying babies that the designers had to take care of - WHY? other than Heidi has 4 kids but you KNOW she is not taking care of them herself AND doing her job at the same time. Making clothing for babies is hard - esp when the moms input was so opinionated and the designers had little idea how to do baby clothing without listening to the moms. UGH - hated this past week... I would have just left the plastic baby on it's own - there seemed to be no part of the 'challenge' that gave points to how good any of them were about trying the things to keep them from crying. I would have found a way to break the speakers so mine did not cry and just get on with the work...but bye bye Elena - it was time for her crappie attitude to go.

    1. Oh and I thought it was a toss up between Elena and Melissa going home - I think the judges had enough of Elena's nasty attitude. And their comments on 'sale' items put together that did not work together is one of the worst mistakes in fashion world - those judges will go with a bad execution at times but never show them stuff that looks like it was picked up as separates with no thought at to their cohesiveness. So I can see why they kept Melissa over Elena. I think it was funky that dress won - it was super cute but was so springtime and seemed the others felt need to do fall items...I did not get why it was OK to do a spring theme - and that mom so did not like the two dresses...seemed it was all about Heidi's comments to put the snap flowers all over when she visited the workroom and the challenge was over there long as he could make that happen. It was a throw away week for me.

  2. Your mani is adorable love the colors your used.


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