Oh My Lord and Taylor

12:55 PM

This weeks episode of Project Runway asked designers to create a design to complete a collection for Lord & Taylor.  They were meant to be making a cocktail dress and I think some of them used that term way too liberally.  I really LOVED Gunnar's dress and I was so sad that he ended up in the bottom.  When it looked like he was definitely going to be out this week...I actually gasped.  I mean, you'd have thought I was watching a Red Sox game! "FOR THAT?!" I screamed at the TV.  I was heartbroken. His design was GOOD. Yes, it was expected and yes he could have turned it up a notch but come on!  Alicia's dress was a HOT. MESS. In a twist of fate though, no one was out this week.  Thankfully!  I wasn't super impressed with the winner of this week either though.  I mean, they accuse Gunnar of creating an already 'done' look but Christopher wins when we've seen him do the same thing over and over and over with the shredding? Really?  I also felt that while his dress was pretty, the proportions were a little off.  I mean, a floor length cocktail gown? Meh.  I chose to base my nails this week on Dmytri's dress which I think was sadly unappreciated.  He should have made it EASILY into the top and I would have worn this dress for sure! The gown was made of a pretty steely grey material which shimmered so to create a similar effect I used butterLONDON Gobsmacked to make a glittery base. Then I added a thin coat of Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square and used the magnet to pull it away from the shimmery base.  It was much prettier in person but the sunshine has been hiding lately so this was the best picture I could get:

How did you feel about this weeks episode? Did your favorite design win? Will you be purchasing Christopher's dress from Lord and Taylor?

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