Happy Birthday Crumpet!

Today is a special day for the nail blogging world!! That's because today is one of my very best polish buddies, Debbie of The Crumpet's birthday!  To celebrate her birthday with her, I've done up some very Crumpety purple nails!  If you follow Debbie, you probably already know that in honor of her special day, it's purple week on her blog! So what better way to celebrate with her than with this gorgeous holo purple from A-England.  I know what you're thinking...holo?  Yeah...well it seems the weather decided to celebrate England style 'cause there's not a drop of sunny sunshine to be found.  This is Lady Of the Lake though, and if you Google some swatches of her, be prepared to drop about £9 on a bottle.  You won't be able to resist!!  I used a Lilac Plate stamp to add some little candies and ice cream cones to the accent nail.  It felt a shame not to add some fun birthday flare, but it's also a crying shame to cover the beautiful Lady!  All my colors used are English as well. 'Cause anything worth doing, is worth doing right!!  Seriously though, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do.  It's very worth the look and you can leave her some birthday wishes!! 

Colors used: A-England Lady of the Lake, Barry M Silver Foil, Lilac Plate A01, Seche Vite topcoat.

Barry M

OK so I know it's been a little while since the last one, but I keep adding to my polish collection and that's making stash photo's difficult!! I'm still trying to work through a bunch of untrieds, but I may have a plan for that very soon. So today I'm going to show you one of my very favorite brands, Barry M. Barry may just be the perfect man because his polishes are STELLAR.They're not incredibly easy to get your hands on stateside so that's the reason I don't have a whole lot of them. I still remember my VERY first Barry M's because they came from a friend in London. I think I first saw them on Sam of the Nailasaurus' blog. I had mentioned I was looking for a few colors to a friend and he sent me three. They weren't the three I asked for, but he's a guy so let's face it I'm lucky I got any at all! And I loved them. The colors: Indigo, Mint Green, and Shocking Pink.

Check out the usage on those suckers!!  There are so many things I love about Barry M.  It's vegan and cruelty free which is HUGE for me.  It's not very expensive (at least not if you don't have to pay shipping!!), the coverage is STELLAR. I'm talking one and two coats for 90% of these bad boys.  The wear is great too.  They aren't three free which may be the only downfall of the brand for me BUT that said, I use Seche Vite top coat so it's kind of irrelevant!***UPDATE*** Barry M has contacted me and I can officially confirm that their polishes are 100% Big Three Free!! And you know that just makes me love them more!  I have ordered many of these directly from Barry but since most of my Barry's have come from my wonderful friends in the UK I'm doing this post a little different than the OPI one!! Here are some pictures of the arrival of my baby Barry's!!

 New Barry's from Debbie. These were Copper, Denim (my first matte/suede Barry!), Silver Lilac, Teal, Aqua Blue and Red Black.


 This Swap was from Claire. It includes Blue Print, Lilac Foil, Croc Effects, and Raspberry.

A birthday pressie from Claire! Peach Melba, Red and Blue Glitter and Strawberry Ice Cream.

My most recent Barry's. These came from Debbie. The chameleon color change collection, Jewel Britannia, Magenta and Aqua Glitter.


A compilation post!! This is a selection of most of my other Barry's.  I counted and the total count is at forty-seven.  Including the above I also have the entire foil collection, the limited edition Silver Glitter from Boots, all the ice cream colors, most of the glitters (missing the new gold, Hologram Hexagons, and pink silver), and quite a few other gems like Silver Cascade and Silver Sea!  Currently my Barry's are residing with my butterLONDON and Deborah Lippmann's but it's time for them to move out on their own since the drawer has more than reached it's limits!  My favorite in the bunch is probably Blue Moon.  Close second might be Mint Green.  I'm hoping to get the Pink Silver glitter very soon!!

What's your favorite Barry M shade?  Which are you dying to try?

Fix My Friend...

Well it's time for another episode of Project Runway. This week's episode was called "Fix My Friend" and the premise was that real women chose a friend who needed a make-over and each designer was in charge of making that happen.  I wasn't really into most of the clothes for this challenge although I LOVED this one. I'd totally wear it and I'm so glad it won.  I was a little surprised that Fabio pulled this out because I'm generally non-plussed with his work.  BUT the highlight of this week's episode was Ven's bad attitude.  The woman who he was paired with was *GASP* not a size zero.  Rather than taking this as a challenge, like MOST normal people who understand that in the real world, everyone isn't the size of a swizzle stick, Ven chose to take it as an opportunity to make his client feel like crap.  He actually told her that he didn't have a belt for her because they didn't have any big enough for her. Really?! Then he tried to say, well it's not his fault because he doesn't normally work with "real" women.  I was so happy when Heidi called him out on his bullcrap on the runway and I feel that, if for no other reason than he clearly has no tact and is not interested in working with REAL clients, he should have gone home.  Instead it was Nathan who got the boot this round.  I feel like Nathan's time was coming anyway, but I just think having a crappy attitude and making your client freaking CRY is unacceptable. Period.  It makes everything he makes to me ugly.  And to top it off, Ven isn't exactly going to be a supermodel anytime soon either. :(  Anyway...here's my design based on Fabio's FABULOUS winning design:

I used Wet and Wild White On, Zoya Carey and Models Own Moody Grey to create the lines of his simple but stunning dress!  Thanks for following! Do you think the right designer went home this week?

Don't forget to check out Jewli and Emma's designs for this week!!

Dupes Up: w7 Mosaic vs. Nails Inc Pudding Lane

If you liked Tuesday's post, you're going to love todays!  Because today I'm going to tell you how you can score Nails Inc. Pudding Lane for a mere £2....sort of! That's right, it's time for another edition of Dupes Up! 
This weeks contenders are:
W7 Mosaic
Retail Cost: £2 (approximately $3.16)
Nails Inc. Pudding Lane
Retail Cost: $9.50

When I picked up this Nails Inc. polish the other day at Sephora, it completely slipped my mind that I had the w7 in the mail!!  Even still, I thought there might be some slight differences.  Even when I got the w7 out of the package I thought it might be a bit different.  In fact, I thought it might have been the answer to the issues I had with Pudding Lane.  Both are cyan blue polishes with dark blue and gold hex glitters, but as you can see in the picture below, it looks like the glitter in Mosaic is a bit more sparse than in Pudding Lane.

It's not a TON of difference but there is a noticeable concentration of glitter in the Pudding Lane (right) where the Mosaic (left) is a bit less so.  This is sometimes an illusion with glitters though, since in a lot of cases its really that the glitter in the polish has stuck itself to the side of the bottle.  And...it seems that might be the case with Pudding Lane.  Here are the two on my nails:

Here we have Nails Inc on the index and ring and Mosaic on the middle and pinky fingers.  As you can see, they're exactly the same.  This is two coats and because of the jelly nature of the base you can see that there is still a BIT of balding in places and there is minimal VNL.  The glitter concentration seems to vary depending on how you fill the brush and you can see that difference on the ring finger where I swirled the brush around the bottle rather than dipping it straight in.  But otherwise, these two are exact dupes. If you live in the UK, where w7 is readily available and Nails Inc can retail for £11 or more, this is your lucky day!  If you live in the US, where Nails Inc are $9.50 and w7 is only available online (with overseas shipping! Ouch!) you may be better off to just visit your local Sephora counter.  BUT if you have a few other things on your overseas shopping list, you might still make out!! 
Verdict: Dupes.

Availability: w7 is available in drugstores across the UK.  Nails Inc is available in the US at Sephora, Sephora.com, and select drugstores in the UK.

Nails Inc Pudding Lane

This past weekend my husband caught me off guard with a trip to the city for the weekend.  Granted, we basically live inside a different city so it wasn't much of a getaway, but sometimes it's nice to just not be at home for awhile.  The original plan was to see a concert in Chicago, but since that didn't work out, we went to a baseball game instead.  It was a fun and much needed date weekend for us!! While we were there we decided to scope out the local Sephora to see what they had.  My husband actually had to ask the sales clerk about these Nails Inc Sprinkles polishes.  It turns out that while they carry about six four in total, the only one they had of interest to me was this gem: Pudding Lane.  It's a blue jellyish base with blue and yellow glitter in it.  I was both impressed and also disappointed by this polish.  I'm impressed because I thought it would take more coats to be opaque (this is an easy two).  I'm disappointed that there is so MUCH glitter.  I guess I wanted a more sparse look so it would be more like a jelly sandwich and less like a whole load of glitter fell on my nails.  It actually reminds me a lot of an indie polish called Floam which I have also recently acquired (and will likely swatch soon).  Of course, Floam has smaller glitter and a clear base.  But the overwhelming glitter effect is the same.  I did like this look but on the downside, it required several coats of Seche Vite to be smooth and ultimately it peeled off within a day. :(  Lame.  I also hate it when glitters are so heavily laden that the glitters stick off the nail and make the edges jagged.  Although a bit more maneuvering on my part would have solved that problem!  Do you have any of these polishes?  Did you love them? 

It's My Way on the Runway

It's time for another Project Runway design!! This week was a group challenge and from the moment the challenge was announced there was tension among designers.  I realized again this week why I really HATE Elena.  She tried to control every aspect of EVERYTHING and was a real hindrance to her team.  I felt like Nathan's design was one of the worst and yet, his team chose to throw Gunnar under the bus for his dress rather than stating the obvious; Nathan's pants were a HOT mess.  Also, this is the first time I've even noticed Nathan and really, that's not a good thing!!  I hated the whole silk charmeuse idea and I thought the pattern was kind of lame.  While Raul's top was kind of a mess I disagreed that it was office inappropriate.  I'd have been much more comfortable in the office all day in a ruffled top with a nice pencil skirt than a pair of ridiculous dress/pants which make my crotch look like it's hiding a BIG secret and a silky resort wear top.  Although I did see the point that an older woman might be more comfortable in Nathan's ensemble than a younger one.  I chose to do my design based on the winning gown by Melissa. 

I watched this episode two days before I did the art and for some reason I was thinking the blue was much brighter so you can see that the color is all wrong.  BUT I still like the way they turned out.  The back of the dress had a zipper running up it in a kind of wavy pattern which I could not find a picture of for the life of me.  While I loved this dress I also felt that it wasn't really work appropriate.  It's just a bit too much for most offices!  I hope you're all enjoying the series!

Don't forget to check out Emma and Jewli's blogs to see what they came up with this week!

Can't REaD My Poker Face...

...AND THE GRAND FINALE!! Ok, let's face it; these aren't that exciting.  The colors from yesterday reminded me SO much of poker cards.  The combo got me thinking it might be fun to add some poker type art onto it.  I didn't have a ton of room to do anything super elaborate so I decided to go with just a little dice in the corners.  I think it came out pretty nice actually.  It's not a mani I'd have done otherwise and I don't think I've ever even looked at this dice stamp before.  But I think that's one of the cool things about it.  The challenge really pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and do something different.  That said I'm still not going to be rocking the red nail trend anytime soon. BUT I appreciate the creative process of what I did here. :)  AND I'm super proud of myself for actually completing a five day NO removal challenge.  It was more difficult than I suspected but it was a lot of fun!! I hope you all enjoyed the series!  Thanks for following and check out my fellow red lover's blogs to see some more awesome art work!!!

Trust the rainbow...

OK I'll admit that every time butterLONDON releases a new collection I get the feeling that I NEED them all.  This fall's collection is no exception.  Except that...well...it is.  I went to the store the other day with the full intention of purchasing several polishes from the new OPI Germany collection.  When I got there one of the sales girls was RAVING about the new colors.  I was unimpressed.   I twirled them about in my hands and shined my iPhone flashlight on them (yes I do that. You can never be too sure about polishes in the bottle!), shook them and held them at all angles.  Boring.  So I decided to pass on them, go home and play with the hoards of polish I already have.  Here comes my husband with several familiar little square bottles in his hand, "Have you seen THESE?!" he asks me.  Well, in a word, yes.  But I'm kind of past the point of being impressed by holographic finishes and sparkly glitters.  That said...the polishes he chose are gorgeous.  His picks?  Trustafarian, the stunning polish you see above.  It's a light, sage green laced with linear holographic shimmer.  What I love most about this one is that it doesn't dull in the shade or lose it's luster under topcoat.  Its fabulously stunning AT ALL TIMES. And flawless application which I already expect from butterLONDON.  Also in his hands were Lovely Jubbly, which is no surprise to me since he's a sucker for glitters.  I was stunned at the smoothness of Lovely Jubbly.  I found the color and coverage very similar to the OPI Burlesque polish, Simmer and Shimmer.  But while the OPI polishes are thick and goopy, this one is perfect and smooth.  One coat of Seche Vite took away all grittiness and left it glassy smooth and shiny.  His final choice was Gobsmacked.  While I DO love the color, I have several dupes for it so we swapped it out for Shag, a fabulously decadent copper.  I'll be swatching all of these for you in upcoming posts but for now let's focus on Trustafarian.  I wore it on it's own for two days before I decided to 'jazz it up' a bit with some Essence The Huntsman polish.  I'm SO incredibly in love with the combination.  In the shade the butterLONDON goes green and rainbowy and the Essence lights up with gold and green flakes and glitter.  In the sun Trustafarian lights up like a disco and The Huntsman glitters like a pot of gold. Perfection.  My favorite combo I've done so far!!  I'm including a close-up of the two below so you can see the goodness!!

Thanks for following!! Do you have any of the new butterLONDON's?

You RED my mind...

Day four has arrived!!  Because I added so much on day three I was a little stumped on day four.  There wasn't really anywhere to go and adding more seemed like it would probably make a hot mess.  The rule is no removing so rather than trying to go back to basics I just covered the gold with black and then added a white stripe near the edge for contrast.  I left the gold dots and decided to call it a day so I'd have something to work with on day five!  I'm pretty proud of myself for going four days just adding and not subtracting because it's really harder than it sounds!  I think next time I attempt it I might do more planning ahead instead of just feeling it out everyday!  I hope you're all enjoying the evolution!  Check out my RED-mate's designs for the day as well!! Thanks for following!!


Day three is here!!  It wasn't hard to decide on something to add to yesterday's mani since it was so simple.  I started with the little black swirls in the gold and then decided to add a dot on the top.  After that I thought I might tie the gold in a bit more so I did some gold dots on the other side of the red as well.  In retrospect, I probably should have just added the dots or JUST added the swirls because there isn't much room to add onto this mani which was a lesson I learned the next day!!  But I'll let you decide if I handled it well when tomorrow rolls around!!  I hope you're enjoying following along with the series and don't forget to check out what my fellow challengers have come up with for today!! 

Red-dy for my close-up

Day two of red week is here and I really think this was my favorite day of the challenge for me.  I know I shouldn't say that since it kind of ruins the rest of the week...lol...but I promise there are still cool things coming.  I just really liked this simple contrast.  I didn't know what to really do with the dots from yesterday and didn't want to add a ton more so I went ahead and turned them into a solid gold panel on my nail.  Then to add some pop between the gold and the red I added a thin outline of black with a Models Own nail art pen. It crossed my mind to stamp over one side of this or the other but I just couldn't stop admiring how clean it looked so I decided to edit myself and leave it as is.  If you're just starting to read along with the challenge, don't forget to check back at Day One to see what I started with.  Tomorrow things start to get a little bit crazy!! So stay tuned!!

And don't forget to check out what my fellow Red-skateers are doing for the challenge!!

There's no wrong way to wear a mani...

...and we're about to see just how true that is!!  It's theme week over at The Crumpet and the theme is red.  Debbie has graciously allowed me to join her in red week and that means you're in for a week of red nail art.  I NEVER ever use red, even though I have tons of them so this is going to be a little outside my box!  But hopefully you'll enjoy the series anyway. :)  To further challenge myself over the next five days I've added a little bit of an extra rule to my red week: adding only and no removing.  That means that what you see today is the base for what will happen over the next five days.  I won't be removing anything from my nails I'l only be adding to the design.  It seems like an easy plan and it is for the first three or so days but when you get to day four and five it starts to get a bit tricksy!  I've started here with a GORGEOUS red, Orly Grave Mistake.  I added a few gold dots in random patterns with Orly Luxe.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I add to this artwork!!   Don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in Red Week!!

Women on the Go

It's time for another Project Runway design!!  I don't know what it is about this season but I'm just really uninspired by it.  This week was a real downer.  Andrea left in the night which I think was just SO shady.  Not that I don't think Raul should have gone home but if she knew she wanted to leave then why throw a royal fit on the runway to try to save herself when Chris pointed out that she was ambivalent at the last runway?  And then on top of Andrea leaving like a coward, Kooan decided to bounce too. :(  I knew Kooan wasn't going to be the winner of this season, his aesthetic is really not very mainstream, but I enjoyed what his personality added to the workroom.  Sadder still is that Buffi went home.  Now, I knew again that Buffi was not destined to be the winner of this season.  But I didn't think in the scheme of things her look was THAT bad.  And aside from that she was so bubbly and upbeat.  Now everyone there has the personality of a wet rag.  ARGHHH!!  So this runway was a challenge for me.  Everything was black and white or grey.  I'm sorry but as a woman who does work and who does have a social life there is not one thing that walked that runway that I'd be comfortable working in all day and then going out at night in. Sonjia's winning dress looked like her model had a saggy third boob.  And don't even get me started on Elena's look.  Her model looked MASSIVE.  No thank you.  I instead chose to base my design this week on the pattern that Fabio used for his dress.  

The look wasn't awful although the proportions were off and it was seriously commercial....but at least the pattern gave you something to look at!  Did any of you watch this episode?  What was your favorite and least favorite look?

Don't forget to check Jewli and Emma's blogs to see what they came up with for this week's challenge!

Welcome back (or not) to the runway...

Well this week's Project Runway challenge was certainly interesting.  It didn't really give me any new favorites: I still love Buffi and Christopher, but it did put new perspective on some other contestants.  What the heck was going on with Elena?! And Andrea with her whole "I'd feel relieved to go home" spiel...then goes on to tell Christopher he's being 'demeaning' when he points out that she doesn't care to be there on the runway. Grrr...I hate it when people play games like that.  At the end of the day, I felt like Buffi and Elena REALLY worked it out.  Their dress was one of my favorites and I was really stressing how it would come out.  I hated Dmitry and Melissa's look yet the web was buzzing with people who felt it was short changed.  It looked like a weird chiffon sweatshirt over a nice dress.  Just. Odd.  I was also in love with Kenley's dress even though, let's face it; I hate Kenley.  I do love her style! I did think Irina's dress was lovely on her even though I was reminded that she's a total beyotch.  I was feeling kind of smug when her dress got into the top after she said she was embarrassed to walk in it and bad mouthed the sewing skills of the designers. And even though Gunnar is a total Christian Siriano wannabe...I was hoping he'd win.  So that brings us to the design I chose to do for my nails.  I was rather unimpressed by most of what went down the runway this week.  Things were too simple for my taste or too cliche.  But I was surprised by Nathan and Sonjia's dress for Valerie. I felt like it was too much for Valerie's frame and it made her look too old and heavy BUT I think a statuesque young actress could ROCK this thing.  I could see someone like Miley Cyrus just bringing this thing to life. I love the glitter and the gold and the tiny hints of shimmery chiffon in the sleeves.  Fabulous.  So I chose to do my nail design based on their design.  It wasn't the winner. It wasn't the loser. But in my  book...it was the one with the most pizzazz!  Which look was your favorite for this week? Did this episode change your opinion of who will win?

Don't forget you can see full sized pictures of my art for these challenges on my Facebook page! You can also check out Jewli and Emma's blogs to see what they came up with for this week's challenge!

Colors used: Deborah Lippmann Believe, Tokidoki Savanna, NYX Gold Glitter

Project Runway

I don't know about you, but I'm just a little obsessed with Project Runway.  I've been watching since the very first season and I've just always really enjoyed it.  Fashion goes hand in hand with nail art many times and just like the beauty and nail industry, fashion is always changing.  It's something that we can all relate to: having our very own personal style.  I love that you can play with fashion and make it your own and the idea that you can give sixteen people the very same task and no two will do it alike.  My favorite's were Jeffery and Christian (of COURSE Christian) and without much failure I've predicted nearly every winner from the get go.  This year I haven't really got any favorites yet although Buffi really makes me laugh and Kooan...well...there is Kooan.  So this year I decided to do something I've wanted to do for awhile now and challenge myself to play along with the contestants with my very own 'nailway'!  I got a little behind due to some seriously crazy personal things going on BUT I'm back on track and ready for action!  Above you'll find my episode one nails.  I chose to replicate Kooan's design for the first episode who's challenge was to make a companion piece for a garment they had brought from home and show them in Time's Square.  Obviously...this look did not win!  But it didn't' lose either!  I love the Japanese/Harajuku look and I think this is really fun and interesting.  I'd never wear it as is but the idea of the mixed patterns and textures is really cool.  I did a matte leopard background with some sponging and then a grey panel with blue dots to represent the jumper Kooan paired with his leopard top.  Below you'll find my nails from episode two.  Episode two was the unconventional materials challenge and they  had to make a look out of candy.  I REALLY loved Sonjia's look for this challenge! But I chose to do a look based on the winner's dress instead because I loved the subtlety of it and also it reminded me a little of one of my favorite Disney films, Beauty and The Beast! :P

You can check out full sized photo's of my artwork for the challenges on my Facebook page and don't forget to check out my fellow Runway Fashionista's Emma and Jewli!!  I hope you enjoy the art! What was your favorite look from this week's challenge?

Rehab Your Nails: What's a hangnail?

Ahh...hangnails.  Those pesky little buggers that ruin our photos, annoy us to the point of insanity, and leave our fingers stinging from everything we touch.  Yuck.  Hangnails aren't just an annoyance for nail bloggers or a pain for everyone else though...they're dangerous.  Everyday your hands come into contact with MILLIONS of bacteria....no matter how many times you wash your hands.  And open cuts on your fingers are a very easy way to get sick or worse!  So what can you do?

The number one rule with hangnails is NEVER EVER EVER pull one.  Never.  Ever seen that scene in Black Swan where Natalie Portman pulls a hangnail and ends up practically severing her finger? Well, OK that might be extreme but it DOES hurt and it DOES leave a nasty cut on your hands for days or weeks sometimes.  If you do have a hangnail, the best way to get rid of it is to nip it with your cuticle nippers at an upward angle and then apply cuticle oil to help moisturize the area. A better question is...how can I prevent hang nails? And to answer that it's important to know that there are two basic kinds of hangnail:

Here's the first:

These are the hangnails you get generally towards the top of your nail, which tear down the sides and seem to never end if you pull them.  They're relatively easy to prevent but it takes a bit of time to see the results.  This type of hangnail is caused by not pushing enough of your cuticle.  When you push cuticles, you want to be sure you're including the entire nail plate, even deep into the sidewalls of your nails.  I'll be doing a followup cuticle care post to address this particular issue but for now, you get the idea.  This is actually cuticle which grows up the sides of your nail, if not pushed back.  When it reaches the free edge, it has no where to go so it just sort of peels back.  To take care of this simply nip the base of it while trying not to further loosen it from the nail plate.  Then be sure to push the cuticles on the sides of your nails when you do your regular routine.

Here's the second:

It's hard to see here...and I rarely have this type of hangnail so I didn't want to wait for another one!! But this type of hangnail is basically a little flap of dead skin which can occur anywhere around the base of your nail.  It includes hangnails which are caused when your live cuticle splits and peels off or bleeds.  These are caused by lack of moisture AND improper care of cuticles.  When pushing the cuticles, be sure you're not applying too much pressure.  If you press too hard you can loosen the seal on your nail and cause the cuticle to "flap" up.  If you do this you will expose your nail to bacteria (yuck) and the flap will dry out and crack.  Nipping the cuticles in a ragged or uneven pattern can also cause this to happen.  To prevent these type of hangnails, keep the cuticles and the skin around your nails well moisturized and use just enough pressure to move the cuticle, not enough to do yourself harm!! Remember, when you're pushing your cuticle, you're really cleaning the nail plate.  The cuticle you can see doesn't actually need much care which is something else I'll cover in my second cuticle care series. 

I hope this has been helpful to all of you!! Cuticles are one of those things that always seems to puzzle people about their nail care!  The more you learn, the better you can take care of yourself and the healthier your nails will be!!  Stay tuned for the next rehab your nails series: Keeping Your Cuticles Healthy WITHOUT Nipping!

Put Your Dupes Up: Rare & Radiant vs. Just the Spotted Lizard

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:
China Glaze Rare & Radiant
Retail Cost: $5.99
OPI Just The Spotted Lizard
Retail Cost: $8.50

The other day my husband surprised me by purchasing the entire China Glaze Bohemian collection for me.  It was a nice gesture, though I have to say I'm fairly dissapointed in the collection as a whole.  That aside, when I got them swatched I realized that one of them was VERY similar to another polish I already have!  So I decided to swatch them together and see if I was right.  You can see that in the bottle the two look exactly the same, thought the China Glaze seems a bit more coppery owing to the bottle shape. So how do they look on the nails?
L to R: China Glaze, OPI, China Glaze, OPI

You guessed it: exactly the same.  The formula is very similar on these as well. The China Glaze was a hair thinner but the application was the same.  This is two coats of each.  Obviously the OPI has a larger brush and the China Glaze is a bit easier to obtain but other than those differences, these are exact dupes. Exact.  I'm not really sad about owning two of these because it's a lovely color and neither color is core so now I sort of have a back up!!  But if you were searching for the OPI you can now buy the China Glaze and save yourself the silly online prices or the hassle of hunting it down!

Verdict: Dupes.

Availability: OPI Just the Spotted Lizard was part of the SpiderMan collection and has limited availability at Ulta and drugstores where OPI is sold.  China Glaze Rare & Radiant is to be released in August at Sally Beauty locations nationwide and will also be available online and at Ulta.

Did you know...

...hangnails are actually caused by improper cuticle care?

Many people think that lack of moisture causes hangnails and while that is sometimes the case, it's more often improper care that causes them.  Aggressive pushing, improper cutting techniques, or lack of care causes your cuticles to split, tear and grow up the nail plate.  

Want to know how to avoid and treat hangnails?  Look out for this week's rehab post!! 

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