It's a dot...

I have to apologize for the lack of posts lately, and unfortunately that's going to be  the theme for a little while longer.  I'm moving to a new city this week (great week to pick, no?) and my baby kitty has died unexpectedly over the last weekend.  He was just three.

He was beautiful and snuggly and sweet but moreover he had the BIGGEST personality and he was so rambunctious and full of life! It's crazy how much quieter the house is with him gone. He was also my other kitty, Aoife's, lifelong companion. Eoghan was just a few days younger than her and was only three months when Aoife was brought home. 
She's very sad too so it's been a struggle to keep on top of myself eating and sleeping and also make sure that she's doing alright. I hope to do a tribute mani to Eoghan when things are a little easier and I feel more like I can handle it. In the mean time, I apologize again for the lack of posts and please be sure that as soon as things are settled and I'm feeling stronger, I'll be back to my regular schedule. :) I wish you all a very happy holiday season and hope that you are all happy and well.

Trust me, I'm a doctor...

So these nails aren't exactly festive but they make me smile! When I was a kid we used to play the crap out of our Nintendo.  Of course by the time we got one in our house, the Playstation was already the new big thing and Nintendo games were far from new.  Still, we didn't love it any less! Some of our favorites (outside of the obvious Mario and Zelda!) were Lolo, Tetris AND...this gem; Dr. Mario. My mother STILL loves this game and plays it on her DS! I thought since my nails were rounded and the absolute perfect shape for pills I'd give it a go!
Honestly it was remarkable easy to do as well. Even the little monsters weren't as bad as I'd assumed they'd be though they didn't come out spectacular. I hope you love these as much as I do! What was your favorite game growing up?

And one for the road...

It's the final day of Red, Gold and Green week with The Digital Dozen!  It's also the final day I'll be showing you of my skittle project! I'll definitely be trying this again but I ran out of ideas for nails after this one and what ended up the final result wasn't really so great!  Today I added a gradient nail! I added them in this direction on purpose as well! 

The ring finger is the standard accent so it sort of fit in yesterday and now today with my matching thumb, index and middle finger, I have a cocktail mani!  If you're not as opposed to going outside hte box as me you could go in any order you choose.  My index seems to chip first so that might be the way to go if your intention is to revive a dying manicure! I hope you all enjoyed this week with us! You can play along by recreating one of the designs you've seen and tagging us on Instagram or Twitter with @thedigitaldozen and #DDinspired! We may even choose one of you to be featured! :) Happy Holidays and thanks for following along!

Like a candy cane...

Day one of my skittle project is here! For those of you who are just tuning in, for the next two days I'm changing one nail on my mani to create a fun skittle effect. I'm not great at skittles cause I feel like they require extra planning somehow! I never can seem to get hte colors or patterns to play nicely together and then I end up hating it. I'm pretty sure I'm over thinking it! For this one I basically just connected the dots and added gold glitter stripes in between! It was way easy and I love the way it came out. Reminds me of a yummy candy cane!

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the final skittle and the last day of The Digital Dozen's Red, Gold and Green challenge!! :)

Lots of dots...

Well there are still three days left in the Digital Dozen Red, Gold and Green challenge and I wanted to do something a little different for the next few days. I don't know about you guys but this time of year, things get HECTIC for me. This year is no better since I'm moving and changing jobs and it's just a lot at once! So for the next few days what I decided to do was do a little bit of creative skittling. My nails tend to chip in succession so as they did I just took that nail off and popped on a new design! I actually carried this out for a few more days after the challenge but the desgins after weren't so great so I've spared you the tragedy!

I started with my ring finger -- the standard accent! And then went to my pinky nail! I also made a point of using only the colors already in the manicure, plus a gold glitter which you'll see tomorrow.

I love these little sparkly dots! They're festive but not overly Christmas-y! Don't forget to check out the other girls looks!! :)

Red, Gold and Green-ish?

It's day two of the Red, Gold and Green challenge with The Digital Dozen.  Today I went for kind of a unique look and decided to play with my James Bond colors. I used a magnetic one for the base and then a gorgeous red for the tips. It sort of reminds me of braided bread and berries at the holiday.  I also really like the way it changes in the light!

I matte top coated it later but I ended up hating it. It really muted the magnetic pattern, although the tip color is just stunning with a matte finish. It's like red velvet.

Check out what the other girls came up with below! I hope you enjoyed this easy and versatile holiday look!

The Digital Dozen does...Red, Gold and Green!

It's time for another week of art with The Digital Dozen!! This week's theme is red, gold and green.  I decided to start off simple with these hats and a tree! I liked this better in my head than it came out but I still thought it was pretty cute. I also LOVE that the new China Glaze holiday textured polish made it super easy to make fluffy little santa hats! Stay tuned all week for more red, gold and green art! Don't forget to check out what the other ladies came up with below!

Catching neutral fire...

 So today's look is sort of Hunger Games inspired!! Last year I did a whole series of art for the film and while I'd love to do it again, let's face it, there just really isn't enough to pull from in the second book to create twelve designs. I wanted to do at least one Hunger Games inspired mani for the release of Catching Fire but I just didn't feel inspired. These nails aren't really inspired by the book either, although one could argue that they sort of look like a neutral colored fire! 

Instead they're inspired by a dress worn by actress Elizabeth Banks to the premiere of the film!  I really love the dress she wore, the gradient of nuetral colors with a flash of sparkly silver! I added some texture to it to sort of emulate the beading as well. It came out almost exactly as I wanted it to AND it was one of the easiest mani's I've ever done!! 

Gorgeous, no?

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