Flakie Sandwich

10:22 AM

I have another swatch for you today!! Sort of. This is actually a jelly sandwich even though it looks like it's just a few coats of polish.  I've been wanting this color, I Lily Love You, for sometime now but it's kind of hard to find since the collection has been out of stores for awhile.  This is why I love my Kroger.  It seems like while they always have the newest collection, they also always have random collections popping up.  I remember passing the new Burlesque display half a million times and asserting that I wasn't interested in them.  Months later when I decided I loved them I was heartbroken to find that they were ridiculously expensive on eBay. Then...Kroger!! They popped up again. Same with Shrek and same with this gorgeous jelly.  I Lily Love You is a flakie jelly and it's a beautiful bright pink color.  I also like that the flakies are sort of iridescent.  It's just stunning BUT it requires quite a few coats to build up the color.  So...I decided to pair it with what is quickly becoming one of my top ten polishes; Zoya Paloma.  I used two coats of Paloma underneath the I Lily Love You and then topped it with one more coat.  The effect is to die for.  Paloma is nearly exactly the shade of the I Lily Love You base but it packs much more of a punch AND you don't have four layers of overlapping flakies since there's only one coat of the I Lily Love You on there. :)  Loving this.  

Bonus Instagram pic!!

What's your favorite jelly sandwich combo?

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  1. So so pretty! This shade looks great on you, too!

  2. OMG! This polish is absolutely STUNNING!! Jeezy peets I really need this one in my life!! Darnit that I live in an area with no Krogers...grrrrrrr


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