Throw some glitter make it rain...

So I haven't had a TON of time lately to do anything really intricate on my nails. However, what's better than a glitter gradient?  I LOVE these and I don't know why but they never get old for me.  This one was especially nice because the holo glitter made pretty colors AND the different sizes caught the light for an epically sparkly effect.  I think that glitter gradients and leopard are definitely my go to lazy day mani's! What are yours?

Roses are red...

So it's been awhile since this blog had any new content which, I promise you is something I'm working on!  Family emergencies and health issues and other things have really gotten in the way of my nail painting as of late.  I can't wait to get back on track though and start showing you some new designs. My nails have been sadly naked for far too long! So here's an older post that never made it on here because honestly, after I photographed it I just didn't love it at all.  I hope you all have a fun weekend and I hope to see you all again soon! :)

Bee Polished and the Digital Dozen featuring Sassy Shelly!

It's day two of the Digital Dozen's childhood challenge! Today I'm featuring a mani by Sassy Shelly! I used to LOVE school when I was younger so this one really jumped out at me.  In fact my mother used to buy us lesson plans for the summer! Of course I still loved school when I got older which probably explains why I now hold about four college degrees! Learning just never gets old, does it? Check out the details on these nails by clicking here and don't forget to check out the other ladies art below! :)

The Digital Dozen does...CHILDHOOD!

This week the inspiration for The Digital Dozen is Childhood. Unfortunately, due to a whole host of issues, I will be sitting this week out.  However, never fear because the other ladies are cranking out AH-mazing art as usual.  Just check out these crazy cool Power Rangers inspired nails by Adventures In Acetone.  Power Rangers is a little after my time but I recall my brother watching that show everyday without fail! There were puttys and ridiculously unbelievable foe and who can forget the whole green ranger/white ranger saga.  Definitely brings me back to my younger days! Visit Adventures in Acetone and all the other ladies blogs by clicking the links below!! :) 

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