Fruit Stripes

I picked up some more new butterLONDON colors last week and I couldn't wait to try them out.  I had a few diffrerent design ideas for them but then I got in a hurry and just did some simple stripes.  It actually came out pretty nicely and it didn't take very long at all!

All colors are butterLONDON.  Stripes are Dosh, Blagger, and Jaffa.

Kitty Purry

We finally had a few sunny days here in the Mid West and I wanted to take advantage of them by wearing a glitter polish I hadn't tried yet.  I chose the OPI Teenage Dream because I love that it has all different sizes of glitter.  Of course when I got finished it didn't seem like enough so I decided to do a subtle leopard print on top.  It actually reminds me of those 'magic pictures' I had as a kid where you put a red circle over a red and white design so you can see the blue picture underneath.  Anyway it was fun mani while it lasted!! Enjoy!

Base is OPI Sparrow Me the Drama.  Two coats of Katy Perry Teenage Dream over that.  Leopard print was done with Orly Halley's Comet.

Guilded Butterfly

Simple nails!!  I'm loving this new Zoya color (Caitlin) that I got for free last week.  It's a nice, dusty purple and in some lights it's kind of grey toned.  I didn't want to cover it up too much so I went with a simple butterfly design on my ring finger.  I went back and forth between using silver or gold for the butterfly's but I thought the gold was a bit easier to see!

Base is Zoya Caitlin.  Stamped butterflys on my ring finger using fauxnad stamp m66 and Orly Luxe..  Two coats of Seche Vite over the top and done!

Be Steady my Heart

This was a quick mani and I actually really liked it after it was finished.  It was a result of my wanting to use my new Pirates polish (Steady As She Rose) and not wanting to leave them at just a simple nail color!  I thought some little hearts would be cute over the top and it actually reminds me of those tights all little girls end up with at one point or another with the little hearts sewn into them! Ahh...childhood memories! :)

Base coat is: OPI POTC Steady As She Rose and then I stamped hearts on with Konad m3 using Essence in Humpty Dumpty.  Two coats of Seche Vite on top and done!

Riveting Roses

So tornados, weekend trips and illnesses have kept me away from blogging for a few days.  But I'm back and I have a ton of new polishes to show for it!!  I was able to complete my China Glaze Vintage Vixens collection recently and I'm loving all the colors from it so much!  This one is Riveter Rouge and it's so so pretty! It has these tiny little shimmery red flecks in it and it almost looks like a foil in the sunlight.  I wanted to do a simple design to as not to cover the pretty base coat and I decided to use my new Zoya Jewel to make a simple and subtle nail art with roses!!  The picture below is with flash since the sun never seems to shine on Ohio anymore!!

Base coat is China Glaze Riveter Rouge and roses are Zoya Jewel.

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