Field of diamonds....

So these are probably the most intricate nails I've done in quite some time.  They are loosely based on a French Connection dress I saw on Tia Mowry.  I spotted it again later on Mindy Kaling and I was like, OK this is happening...

Cute right? A lot of it is sequins which catch the light differently depending on how the photo is taken and I didn't really Google the dress until after the fact! I saw it first on Tia's Instagram which no doubt was filtered so the colors were really vibrant in contrast to when Mindy wore it. I went more with the vibrant color palette of the dress in the photo from Tia's Instagram. I felt it was better paired with the white than the muted tones. But I suppose it's sort of an abstract take. I really loved the purple and pink flowers so I started with those and then filled in the rest with some glitter and black to make it similar to the dress. Also how cute is Mindy in this pic? I love her. Her show is not really funny but I still love her. Lol...I hope you enjoy the art! Thanks for following along!

Here's Tia in the dress at an event! See how the different lighting makes it look completely different?!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Well it's been just over a month with no internet but FINALLY I've got it all sorted! Now that we're all settled into our new place I can't wait to get back to posting more frequently! Let's face it, this girl NEEDS to polish her nails!  They've been so sad and polish-less for the past month.  Although I must say I snagged the Gwen Stefani for OPI collection a week or so ago and I'm LOVING the colors. The satins are must haves! The metallic is also wicked cool. I also picked up the glitter (like I needed another holo glitter) and the pink (cause I wear SO much pink) so I can't wait to use them in some designs!  Until that's all ready to go though, here are some nails I did back in December which haven't made an official blog appearance yet!  I really love this Argyle glitter and I wanted to use it with a gradient cause for some reason I'm kind of digging the whole glitter/gradient look right now. Also, with a lot of combo's you can do this in like, five minutes with ZERO tools.


Of course, with a bulky glitter like this one, that's not really so easy to do! But I enjoyed the final look anyway! Thanks to all of you for sticking with me through the ups and downs lately! And welcome to all of my new followers! :) Don't forget to enter the Digital Dozen Loves You Giveaway by visiting the link on my sidebar. It's an EPIC giveaway with lots of prizes and winners! 


Well ladies and gentlemen...STILL no internet here. But in an effort to stay active I give you these Instagram nails! I did these for Monochrome week with The Digital Dozen, hoping my internet would be set up in time to complete and post the week. But alas, complications have arisen and it didn't happen. This isn't the most awesome picture but better ones are to come. I PROMISE! Thanks for supporting me, even though things aren't the best at the moment. I can't wait to be back at it! :)

The Digital Dozen Loves You Giveaway!

Its that time again!! It's theme week for us over at The Digital Dozen! This weeks theme is mono tone. Obviously, the above nails do not follow that theme. However, between moving, the loss of a loved one, no internet and many other things, it's likely the only mani you'll see from me this week! The mani above was done with the new OPI Gwen Stefani colors which I hope to show you more of next week. Never fear though, my fellow dozeners have lots of gorgeous designs for you to check out this week. In other exciting news we have a special giveaway planned just for you, our wonderful followers! The prizes are ridiculous and totally worth the entry! So without further a do....

The top prizes, sponsored by the members of the Digit-al Dozen, are two US $100 gift cards. As with our previous giveaway, the winners of these prizes get to choose to receive their gift card from the polish etailer of their choice.

Our kind sponsors have also donated:
  • Mega Bundle from MoYou including 10 plates (winner's choice), 3 types of stamps and scrapers, 4 rhinestone wheels and a surprise from the new MoYou jewellery range
  • $50 store credit to spend with GG Couture
  • $25 gift certificate to spend with Moon Sugar Decals
  • Full-size bottles of Chirality Polish Party All the Time, Neptunus, Yoda Purpurata, and Gazoo
  • 4 x Simple & Seasonal polishes from the winter collection
  • All 4 polishes from the VooDoo Lacquer Winter Holiday 2013 Collection (Marshmallow World, Polar Express, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and Holly Jolly Christmas)
  • 3 x Renaissance Cosmetics polishes and 1x 10ml cuticle oil
  • Plumilicious, Milky Candy Pack and one full bottle (winner's choice) from Candy Nail Polish
  • Chloe and Misfit Toys from Ruby White Tips 
  • Eponine and My Name's McGill from Quirk 
  • 5x 50% off coupons for Simple & Seasonal (five winners)

As usual, entering the giveaway is simple. Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget and you're good to go. If you entered our previous giveaway, you're probably already subscribed to a lot of the follow options. Make sure you have all your usernames and a link to your Bloglovin profile on hand as we will require them to verify your entries. 
Good luck!

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