Shark Week!

Well ladies it's that time again! I'm clearing out my polish stash and also my photo cache!! This mani was one I did a few months back just before I went to Puerto Rico.  I guess it never made it to the blog so I'm breaking it out today since I'm missing summer and beaches and...well not sharks but you get the drift!

I actually didn't super love the way this ended up coming out at the end of the day. I really need to invest in a clear stamper because my waves went all wonky and they're a little uneven but it was still pretty cute! I'm also clearing out my polish stash and I'm aiming to get rid of an ENTIRE there's between 300 and 500 I'm clearing out for good! You can check out my blog sale on (check the blog sale tab for the link!) OR email me if you'd like something specific. I'm also doing grab bags this go round. They contain 7 polishes (all full sized and never used or swatched only).  There are loads of brands inlcuded, most are China Glaze and OPI but there are plenty of Zoya's and other bits as well! Those are $20 shipped within the continental US and you can pick those up via StorEnvy or through my email as well. :) Happy shopping!

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