Weekly Wrap-up...a day late...oops!

11:35 AM

 Here's my weekly round-up post. It's a day late this week and honestly, it's lucky it's only ONE day!  Same as last time you can find a little paragraph below each pic. :)

None of my tweets and photos really match up this week, sadly. It was a LONG week.  I was meant to work three days and ended up working five and tripling my hours! Crazy talk. So I had planned to catch up this week and...didn't.  On Sunday my husband's grandma celebrated her 90th birthday so we had fun spending time with his family.  I got some new gold eyeshadow and decided to do a little Cinna-style liner for the day. :) And if any of you are tennis fans, you probably saw Andy Murray snag his very first Grand Slam at the Open. I was SO happy for him. I actually saw him play (and BEAT) Roger Federer a few years back and he's just fabulous.

Haven't been listening to much pop music lately but I caught the premier of Christina Aguilera's new song on Friday. Wow. It's not subtle at all.  I wish she'd use her vocal talent to do something more classy. :/  Also tried a pickle-tini this week. Yummy. :)  Spotted this couch on Sunday when I went to IKEA with the hubby and a friend. I seriously NEED it. It's amazing.

 I wasn't super into the butter London BOGO event this week at Ulta.  I don't know why.  I love butter London. I just...couldn't bring myself to be excited.  Good thing my husband loves me. :) He snagged me six off my wishlist: Dodgy Barnett, Bluey, Knees Up, Artful Dodger, Marrow and Trout Pout (Bluey I hadn't updated but had already purchased so I swapped it for Aston.) Also snagged another freebie from Klout.

 Mmmm...butter beer. Any Potter fans reading along? This stuff is amazing!

 Finally found some time to cook this week and I really miss doing it.  I love cooking.  This was tofu cakes, turnip mash, some tangy sauce and corn chowder (all vegan! woo!). :)  Also kept getting these random and progressively more annoyed voice mails. This guy called me TWELVE times before I was finally able to answer the phone (working) and then he didn't seem to believe me that Rick wasn't at this number.  Yeah buddy, I'm holding him hostage cause I LOVE getting voice mail. 

 We bought Eoghan a tower awhile back.  Well...it was meant for both kitties but Eoghan claimed it and if he see's Aoife in it, on it or near it he makes it his business to kick her off. So I built her a smaller one this week and she spent all day inside it.

Dug out my sand garden this week.  I love these things.  And I needed the stress relief! I got NOTHING accomplished this week. :/  I hate that. And after working at 4AM yesterday, I'm pretty fried today too. You may notice my Project Runway posts are missing from the past two weeks.  Well...if you've been watching the show you probably know why. Hello, suck?  I'll try to get them up sometime this week though.  If I don't get called into work!!

How was your week?

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  1. i love Aoife in her tower and I want to come for dinner !! xxx

  2. Aw I love that Aoife seriously showed her appreciation for the new tower :P Such a cutie. And seriously, that COUCH!
    Hope you get some time to yourself this week.

  3. The pickle-tini sounds delish!! When I was in OC for a girls weekend we went to this bar called Pickle's Pub and they have pickle shots that taste just like dill pickles.....just like straight up pickle juice from the jar. Very good but you can't taste the alcohol in it which means tipsiness comes easy ;-)

    1. I bet it's similar!! I think the pickle shot is two parts pickle juice one part vodka and the pickletini is one part each! We froze jalepeno pickle juice into long "cubes" and we drop them into bloody mary's too! I LOVE pickles!

    2. Oh man!! That sounds amazing!!! I never thought to freeze it like that!!!

  4. I need to try a pickle-tini and i need that soda! I had butterbeer when i went to the studio tour and i LOVED it so much!

    1. Have you had the Giggle Potion? You drop vanilla ice cream into the Butter Beer! So good!

  5. I loved reading your post. I had a crap day and reading polish blogs seems to help me forget about it and let it go. Thanks for alerting me to pickle tinis also and your cat is so sweet. Mine is 20 and I need to get her to the vet this week!

  6. The tofu cakes and chowder look seriously delicious.

  7. 1.) I really want to try Butter Beer and a Pickle-tini now.
    2.) You really need to put some of these recipes in your cooking blog because I want to try them! :)
    3.) I hate weeks like that too. They drag on forever, but when you look back at it, you didn't really accomplish anything.


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