Zoya Jubilee Holiday 2018 collection

It's here! The Zoya Jubilee collection. I did some first opinions on this collection on my YouTube channel and some swatches have been popping up on my Instagram but here it is in it's full glory.  This collection contains seven creams, one shimmer, two pixies, a glitter and a special effect topper. The special effect topper also contains Zoya's brand new Z-wide brush and I'll talk about that a little further down in the blog but for now, let me say it's really helpful when applying the topper because with very little effort you can swipe your entire nail in one go. Perfect for tricky crackles since the direction of the crack depends on the direction of your swipe! This crackle effect ONLY works as a leopard crackle over the pixies and over any other finish you'll get a standard crackle effect which you can see on my YouTube video! All of these are swatched with two coats and all with no top coat as per usual. Here we go! 

Zoya in Astrid can best be described as a liquid gold foil that adds a festive touch to any holiday look- wear as an accent or alone for optimum impact. I think this one is really pretty on it's own but it's definitely sheer so you may want to use it as a topper if you don't like that look. It is a bit warmer in person.

Zoya in Leigh can best be described as a full-coverage perfect winter nude - rich and warm cream with just a hint of pink to compliment any skintone

Zoya in Carson can best be described as a full-coverage muted nude pink cream - a beautiful shade to create an understated elegance and perfect for the cold weather months

Zoya in Maxine can best be described as a full-coverage a rich red cream with an evenly balance undertone - bright, yet still appropriate for the season

Zoya in Allison can best be described as a full-coverage plum-toned ruby cream - a more amped up version of a traditional plum shade

Zoya in Taryn can best be described as a fiery fuchsia micro-irredescent shimmer with blue undertones - a shade that brightens even the gloomiest of winter days

Zoya in Chiara can best be described as a full-coverage deep purple cream - a gorgeous compliment to the rich jewel tones of the season

Zoya in Danica can best be described as a full-coverage rich deep teal cream - a new twist on a holiday green that gives you an edgy, yet elegant look. This one is a favorite of mine and it's PERFECT for the season.

Zoya in Kateri can best be described as a full-coverage beautiful midnight brown cream - think of it as the new black! I swear when I was swatching this one I could SMELL chocolate. It's such a rich color.

Zoya in Juniper can best be described as a sparkling teal textured PixieDust- especially unique when paired with our new Leopard Spots special effect topper. (This was one of my favorites of this collection! It sparkles and changes and looks so luxe in person!)

Zoya in Juniper can best be described as a sparkling teal textured PixieDust- especially unique when paired with our new Leopard Spots special effect topper

Before we talk about the Leopard Spots topper let me show you the wide brushes. I tried to get a good picture of these (there will be videos on my insta!) but it just didn't work out so I'm using an image straight from Zoya here! You can see though, how much wider the Z-wide brush is and it's also flat versus being rounded. I love Zoya's original brush but I also have more narrow nails and I struggle a bit with wider brushes like OPI. So I wasn't like, SUPER excited for the wide brush but I think Zoya has struck a nice happy medium. It's not as thick as OPI's brush and it's not quite AS wide either (although it's still plenty wide to do my nails in ONE swipe) so it's super easy to work with and if you do happen to have a wider nail this will definitely make things easier for you. Bonus: they fit into Lippman and Butter London polish bottles so if you struggle with their brushes you can pop these in them as well. ;)  Ok on to the leopard spot topper....

While I preferred Juniper to Cookie on it's own, the topper shows up MUCH better over Cookie. You can see how it cracks and makes rounded spots. While it doesn't look exactly like leopard print from a distance and in person it's surprisingly close! Obviously no top coat on these either as it would ruin the effect.

I had issues getting a clear shot of this one for some reason but here's the topper over Juniper. In person, just because they're both so dark, it's a bit trick to see the effect. It's still really pretty but it comes across really muddled. I think with some of Zoya's lighter pixies this will be magic though!  What did you think of this collection? Any you're planning to pick up?

Polish and Potter and Phising...

Well let me start this blog by saying it's been a ROUGH couple weeks. I got locked out of my blog for awhile due to some sort of phishing mess and then between that and vacation recovery and personal struggles and my daughter being in the hospital for what feels like the hundredth time...things have fallen through the cracks again. But we're back in action today so I wanted to give you some little updates and then I assure you that the Zoya Jubilee collection will be on the blog TOMORROW (WOO!) as well as some holiday collections coming on Monday and then I also have some new wide brushes from Zoya to show you and that will happen along with the Jubilee polishes tomorrow as well as in a vlog next week. Whew. That's a lot. So what else has been going on....

New polishes! I actually went out and bought about six new polishes which is crazy for me. I review for Zoya (which means they send me their collections free of charge to review for you) and I rarely get a ton of time to sit down and do art anymore which is sad but a reality unfortunately. So I can't remember the last time I bought much polish. But I spotted some OPI's on Facebook I figured I needed to have and then while I was hunting for those these China Glaze Grinch polishes caught my eye and I went ahead and bought a few of them too. They're SUPER pretty and full coverage glitter so they're gonna be awesome for the upcoming holidays. I'm sure they'll see a lot of action on my Instagram but maybe not so much here. 

Voting! Me and my little one went out for her first vote in an election. She was excellent while I waited in line and voted and then she got herself a little sticker. I think it's really important, especially today to teach her the importance of having a voice and of using her voice to speak out about what she believes in. Voting is an incredibly important tool for using your voice! We didn't get all the results we wanted but I'm so happy to see that our Congress has gone from mostly older, white men to a Congress filled with women, people of color, and people from different walks of life. Looking around where I work and live there are lots of minorities, people of varying faiths, members of the LBGTQ community and of course WOMEN. So I'm excited to see that our Congress is finally starting to look like US.

New décor! So awhile back I was in the mall and I realized that my PB Teen store suddenly looked like Hogwarts threw up in there. No complaints about it either because I LOVE Harry Potter. I'm literally that person who's read all the books, seen all the films (still prefer the books though!), and even knows her own official house (Hogwarts AND Ilvermorny!). SO...yeah I wanted this stuff. I went on their website and added this set to my cart and you're not going to believe it (or maybe you will if you have any familiarity with Pottery Barn), the total came to just shy of $1000. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS YA'LL. That was for one sheet set (with two pillowcases included), one duvet cover, two decorative pillows, a quilt and two quilted pillow shams. That's it. For a person who previously balked at paying $80 for a duvet (which I did three years ago and no regrets) there was just no way I could justify $1000 for some bed sheets. Plus there was still lots of room décor items that I wanted that were also hundreds of dollars. Recently the bedding went on sale but the sale price only dropped it to around $500. Which is awesome since it's half off but it's still way more than my little budget can handle. Via a series of happy events (coupon codes, sales, and gift cards) I managed to snag the whole thing for shy of $200. Still a lot! Don't get me wrong. But enough that I can justify the purchase. I will say that this is NICE bedding. It's fluffy and soft and luxe in every way. My bed is like a soft, fluffy dream and I want to stay in it forever...but I'm still glad I didn't pay $500 for it! So now I'm working on DIYing some of the other fun pieces I wanted since I can't really spend another couple hundred on my room now that I blew the whole budget on sheets. lol so I'll be sharing some of my DIY projects for the room on here. Other than that life has been pretty busy with work and my daughter and various other things. How have things been with all of you? ;)

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