Zoya Beatrix

This is a quick post for the new Zoya Pixie collection. I don't know why but orange and coral seem to be my go to colors for this summer!  I really loved the two that Zoya has in this new collection.  Even better than that they're beautiful is that they wear like a dream.  I literally wore this manicure for seven straight days and at the end I still had to scrub to get it off.  Virtually NO chipping.  They're really pretty on the nail too. Sparkly and shimmery and in fresh, vibrant colors.  The only one I didn't love was Stevie, the purple, who is coming up later this week.  At any rate this one is Beatrix and she's the true orange of the bunch.  I'm normally not an orange person and I expected to love the blue one, Liberty, the most but I went straight for this one and it's easily one of my most favorite ones!  It's sort of a jelly-ish color (but opaque) and it has gold and orange shimmer throughout it.  It looks amazing top coated as well but I love the texture so I didn't bother with it!  Which one is your favorite?

Stairway to...

It's the final day of the Digital Dozen Bling Week challenge!! Today I tried to do something a little more exciting! It's been such a busy time for me lately and my creativity is suffering!  These I did with some GOSH Holographic (the new version which is a bit easier to use than the old) and some fancy scissors and tape.  I don't do many tape mani's...mostly because I lack the patience to wait for them to dry in between coats but this one was pretty and easy!  I hope you enjoy it!

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With Liberty and...

Today's post is kind of a two-fer. It's day four of the Digital Dozen's bling week and it's also a chance to show off two of the new Zoya Pixies! These are VERY blingy but in a really nice, subtle way.  I love that they're opaque in two coats, unlike the last round of Pixie Dusts.  They're also really sparkly and even though they are textured it's not a super obvious or annoying thing. I used Liberty and Solange for this mani! Don't forget to check out what the other ladies came up with for this challenge!!

Feather Light

It's day two of Bling Week with The Digital Dozen! These nails aren't super bling-y but they're more of a subtle bling!  I used Zoya Julie and Gei Gei for the base colors and they're so shimmery in the sun!  Then I added some Nails Inc Edinburgh to the accent nail!  I love how understated and fun they turned out! Don't forget to check out what the other ladies came up with for today's challenge!!

The Digital Dozen Does...Bling!

It's time for another Digital Dozen challenge week!! This weeks challenge is Bling! These nails were actually something I did to be festive for a recent trip to the zoo, but they're also very bling! Leopard is still hands down my favorite go-to pattern for nails in a hurry because it's SO easy to do and it always looks great.  Don't forget to check out what the other ladies came up with for today!!

Colors Used:
China Glaze I'm not Lion and Mahogany Magic
LA Nail Art Pen in Black

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards...

These are some simple nails I did for an event awhile back.  Since the event was for butterLONDON, it seemed fitting to use their colors for my nails!  I started with Fiver, a gorgeous mint green which is perfect for Spring and Summer.  Then I wanted to add a copper accent on it somehow.  I started with the idea of a half moon but then I decided, for whatever reason, to try out some arrows.  I used The Old Bill and a small art brush for that.  It could use some better precision, but I really loved the results!!  I hope you all enjoy them and thanks for following!!

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