Feelin' Frisky...

This is my very first attempt at some water spotted nails.  I actually saw a pin for turquoise nails on Pinterest* and I decided to give it a go.  It really wasn't too difficult at all.  I started here with a base of Orly Frisky and then I used cling wrap to smatter on some goldish copper (it was a China Glaze, can't recall the name).  After that was all dry I moved on to the marbling.  A little tip here: TOP COAT first. I mean REALLY top coat. Use a good one and get all the edges and everything.  Here's why: if you screw up you have a few options.  One is to remove the marble GENTLY with a cotton ball and some acetone. If you topcoat and remove gently before the marble effect is dry, it won't mess up the under layers. Two is to dip a brush in acetone and then lightly remove some of the pattern to open it up more.  Again this doesn't affect the under layer if they're top coated properly.   I played around with it a bit because the very first nail I did wasn't really in line with the pattern that happened on the rest of my nails.  I also left the accent nail a bit more open to add some dimension.  I did really love this in the end but the spotted technique isn't super my thing. It works here but I'm not sure I'd use it again.  Have you tried it yet? What are your tips for getting it just right?

*Pinterest pin and design is inspired by CopyCat Claws.

Hoppy Easter!

So these are my Easter nails for this year.  I actually spent most of my day setting up a square foot garden so they're not incredibly intricate! I really liked them though! I used a fun glitter topper on my pinky to sort of make it look like a decorated egg. Then I made a little bunny face and some quick ears.  The bunny face sort of looks more like a lamb face to me but lambs are Eastery too so it still works!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday (if you celebrate!)

Spring showers (of glitter!)

So these are about as Spring as my nails have gotten recently!! I got a new glitter at Sephora back in December and I'm JUST getting around to using it. That's OK though because it's absolutely perfect for Spring.  I couldn't decide which color would be best to wear it on and I started with the idea of using it only on the cream colored nail and then using a white glitter on the other nails but I just didn't love the effect over cream.  I actually think I prefer it over the blue nails! The base colors here are my FAVORITE pastels, the Lime Crime line. They have such a great formula and while they are pastel, they're also nice and bright.  What's are your favorite colors for Spring?

Leather Bound

It's the final day of Texture Week with The Digital Dozen.  I'm actually really sad to see this week go. I had  a lot of fun with it! Perhaps you will see more textured mani's from me in the future! For my final day I went pretty simple with some leather textured polish and some studs.  I don't know why but I really LOVED the way this came out. It's incredibly clean and simple but it has some edge to it as well.  I've played with this leather polish before but never just worn it right out and it's surprisingly cool and easy.  At any rate I hope you enjoyed challenge week as much as I did! Don't forget to check out the other girls mani's below! :)

In the jean pool...

It's day four of the texture challenge with The Digital Dozen!  I rarely ever do anything textured on my nails-- outside of some sandy polish that is-- so I'm really loving how this week has pushed me to try new things.  When I first decided to do these denim nails I wasn't super sure how I was going to go about it.  I have this Barry M polish called "Denim" and thought it was very fitting, but even though it's gorgeous and matte and very "denim-y" as promised...it's not exactly textured. I found a super cool tutorial over at Meisie's Nails but it requires various colors and fabric and blah blah blah.  SO....I sort of went in a similar but different direction.  I used the Barry M for my base and then I dotted some diluted white on with some cling wrap. THEN I waited til it was sort of tacky but definitely mostly dry and pressed it into the underside of a pair of jeans.  The gold was sort of an afterthought.  I didn't love it after it was on but no way was I starting over!!  I do think it helped finish off the jean effect though. All in all it came out as a win for me! And it was SUPER easy. :) Don't forget to check out the other girls mani's below!

Taking me for granite...

It's day three of the texture challenge with The Digital Dozen!  Today I did a look that was based on some tile.  It's a little hard to see the actual texture on these but in the end I felt they came out really cool. I used the saran wrap technique to make the pattern and then I pressed some loose carpet into it to make it sort of rough looking. I hope you're having as much fun with texture week as I am! Check out what the other ladies came up with below!

Hole in one...

It's day two of the Texture challenge with The Digital Dozen.  The Masters ended this past week and I decided to do a little homage to the game.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big golf fanatic, but my husband is so it seemed fun. Besides who doesn't love the perfect grass on those courses?  A little tip if you're going to do the golf ball look; choose a really opaque white.  I couldn't find my Zoya Purity, which is usually my go to white, so I had to substitute Essie Bone Chilling which I had to use FIVE coats of to get this solid coverage. Then I used my Seche and waited until it was nearly dry to press the indents in.  Unfortunately all the layers wanted to fix themselves so I had to KEEP on pressing the holes as it dried.  It actually looked quite nice in person but towards the tip you can see some issues when the pic is blown up!  I hope you enjoy these! They were super fun to do! Don't forget to check out the rest of the girls mani's below!!

The Digital Dozen DOES....Texture!

So this week the theme for The Digital Dozen is texture.  I have to admit, this week didn't really excite me. I'm just not really a texture kind of girl.  However, that's one thing I love about the group, it really challenges me to think outside my box!  My day one is a bit lame looking but in person it was rather stellar.  I had some camera and lighting issues trying to capture it but hopefully from here out my lightbox will have sorted all that! At any rate these were sort of inspired by the Disney movie, Frozen.  I used an icy holographic blue and silver and then did a silver gradient on the tips to sort of mimic the winter taking over.  The silver had holo in it too but you can't really see it here. Can't win them all though, can we? I hope you enjoy anyway!! Don't forget to check out what the other ladies came up with!!

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