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This week's episode of Project Runway asked the designers to design a costume for the Radio City Rockettes.  I liked the idea of this challenge but I thought most of the designers kind of missed the mark.  The above design was the winner and it came from Christopher.  I liked that he was inspired by the city and I love the top of this but I think the bottom is a throwaway and let's face it, it's doing nothing for her figure.  I did my nails this week based on Christopher's design BUT I have to say I feel like Dmitry was absolutely robbed this week.  If you take away the New York skyline in this design you have what amounts to a boring, unflattering, lifeless dress.  These are the Rockettes for Pete's sake!! This is just so muted and lifeless. :/  I think he won based more on the love of New York than anything and that irritates me but that's neither here nor there I suppose.

 I felt this costumer by Dmitry was amazing. It hugged all his models curves and moved even when she was standing still.  The lines and color of it were far more interesting and it just looked amazeballs. Although...you can kind of see her nipples! :o

Anyway I didn't use Dmitry's design for my nails so I digress...

I used Juelp Malin for the base on these so that it would just have a nice pearly sheen but still be fairly neutral.  Then I used butterLONDON Diamond Geezer to create the buildings and accentuated them with Barry M Silver Foil.  Last I added some sequins to the remaining two nails.  I do really love the way these turned out.  I'm trying to experiment with texture more because I think it's fun and unexpected but it's also difficult for me because I work with my hands and it just seems to come off so easily!  

Bonus Instagram pic!

Ven went home this week and it was definitely warranted.  His outfit was a hot mess. I think I'm also kind of still jaded on his attitude from the Fix My Friend episode and I haven't been wowed by anything he's done since the Candy Couture challenge.  Whose outfit did you like best?

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Jewli came up with for today's challenge!!

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  1. funky nails :)

  2. I agree - the winning design had a bottom that was not working...I cannot see the Rockettes dancing and kicking away in that at all - it has zero movement. I thought based on that, it would not be picked for #1..but the bodice was just stunning (up close). However they kept saying it had to be visible from the far out seats...the city scape just disappears when you move away - also it blurs out with the strong stage lights. I knew the judges loved that city scape - it was original and modern. I think the other costume by Dmitry was much more stage friendly and would translate well under lighting. Also thought Dmitry's was better executed. The judges made comments about how the 'feather' look outfit from Sanji would look horrible times 30 of 'em...but I thought the winning design also would look kind of blaugh when there were 30 of them in a line up. Least this yr they are not doing really silly competitions like the yrs when they had to make outfits out of stuff they got at a pet store! Agree with you on Dmitry was robbed last week of the win. I thought about what if the powers that will be with the Rockets said 'no way' to the winning design and that instead they would take Dmitry's costume! But then they could use the winning costume for 1 performance only and never have it seen again...I bet there is something they have to get them out of using that winner.

  3. I'm hoping the Rockettes wouldn't be bound by using a contest winner simply because it won in this forum. You guys are totally right, the winner is ridiculous for actual DANCERS. Dmirty's is much better for, you know, DANCING in.

    Nails are ossm, though. cheers!


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