Forty Great Nail Art Ideas: Christmas

These are coming up late! Super behind on things and work has been crazy lately but hey, the point is they get posted eventually, right? (We'll go with that.)  At any rate these were my nails for the last day of Traditions with the Digital Dozen and also were my nails for last week's New Crumpets Nail Tarts theme which was Christmas. I hope you guys enjoy them! Happy Christmas Eve!! :)

Snowflakes are falling on my head...

It's day four of Traditions Week with The Digital Dozen.  These nails are a little bit sloppy so I apologize for that. I really wanted smaller flakes but I don't have any small flake stamps and my freehanded ones were awful!! At any rate every year around this time I use old magazines to make pretty snowflakes that I hang around the house. It's cheap and fun and festive!! So these nails represent those! Check out the other girls art below!!

Christmas Lights...

Today I have a sort of generic look for you but it's still reflective of traditions so I think it fits this week's Digital Dozen theme quite well!  Every year my husband and I get a new ornament to reflect something that's happened to us over the past year. We have one from the year we were married, one that's a Presidential ornament from our year spent in Williamsburg, a yellow submarine from our year of Beatle mania and loads more. This year I finally got around to making paw print ornaments with my kitties as well.

 I'm really sad that I missed the opportunity to do that with my very first kitty, Eoghan, because today on the anniversary of his death, I'd love to have it to look at. :(  These little string lights are just sort of representative of decorating the house. I hope you enjoy them. Check out the other girls art below!!

Trimming the tree...

It's day two of Traditions Week with The Digital Dozen. Today I have a simple design for you.  When I was a child my mother had this little glass Christmas tree with plastic lights that you push into the holes on the tree and a little green star. The tree plugged in so that when you turned it on the light came through the plastic pieces.  There were a few little birds and butterflies on it as well.  At any rate each year she'd get out the little tree and hand me a little can of the lights and I'd spend hours gathering just the right ones and putting them in the little holes so that no colors were right next to one another and there were so many birds and so many butterflies. It's a great Christmas memory for me, and even though I no longer decorate the little tree it was definitely a tradition in my house!  So today I did some simple little green trees and then some "lights" for my other nails! 

Did anyone else have one of these?! Check out the other girls art below!!

The Digital Dozen DOES...Traditions!!

It's time for another week with The Digital Dozen!! This week we're bringing you nail designs inspired by holiday traditions.  I actually don't have many traditions which made this week rather difficult for me but I've managed to find a few things that I do *most* years!  Starting with this one! So every year I make candies.  My favorite candies to make are potato candies.  Even though they seem easy, they're actually fairly tricky BUT they're delicious to eat.  Although I'm not much of a sweets girl so I rarely eat more than a few of them myself. A few years I've done my own peppermint candies and candy canes as well. They're not the hard ones that you typically see but more like the puffed ones. Which let's face it, are my favorite anyway!  So here are my potato candy and peppermint inspired nails! I hope you like them! What are your favorite Christmas treats?

Check out the other girls traditions below!!

Forty Great Nail Ideas: Winter

This week the New Crumpets Nail Tarts challenge was winter.  When I think of winter I kind of go in a winter wonderland type direction. In fact I actually have a winter wonderland themed bedroom! So it's basically a nice blue shade with snow and birch trees and deer or woodland creatures.  A nice, calming wonderland. :)  So for today I did these birch trees on a blue background. What do you think of when you think of winter?

Forty Great Nail Art Ideas -- glitter or flakie topper

 My prompt for today's New Crumpets Nail Tart challenge was to combine a glitter or flakie topper with leopard!  This one was super hard to photograph but it was really neat in person.  The leopard on the black nails is pretty subtle but it really flashes in the light! I used an Ozotic topper to create the look. :) Check out the other looks below!

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