Who Are You Wearing?

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Everyone has noticed lately that celebs are getting into the nail art trend.  Rihanna, Katy Perry, and even less daring celebs like Zooey Deschanel are getting in on the fun.  In fact Adrienne Bailon even chronicled her nail polish line debut on her television show, Empire Girls. So with everyone getting in on it, there are more and more fun polishes coming out (Barry M Chameleons, Ciate Velvet Nails, etc) and art supplies are getting easier and easier to find. Minx has even released their infamous nail strips to the public recently.  So with all that going on and all these awesome designs showing up on celebs Twitter accounts and television shows and even on the red carpet...I decided to have a little fun with it myself!  I'm starting a blog series called, Who Are You Wearing?  In each WAYW post I will be copying the nail art of a famous person for you to see.  Even though these celebs are getting their digits professionally dressed up, most of the art they're getting is totally accessible to even  beginner artists!  I'm going to show you the celebrity nails, tell you what you need to have and do to achieve them (in extreme cases I'll be telling you how you can wear the trend at home) and then show you the recreation of the nails.  So here we go with the very first in the series!!

This gorgeous nail art was sported by Busy Phillips recently and posted on Instagram. Other than the colors, which are fab, I love that this mani is both unexpected and random but also classy and wearable at the same time.  The pattern is simple, the lines are easy to achieve and the overall effect is eye catching without being flashy.  You could easily wear these to work without drawing too much attention to yourself.  So what do you need to get the look? First you'll need two contrasting colors of polish.  I'm copying this look to the T so I used A-England Galahad for the teal tone and Barry M Navy for the deeper blue.  You'll also need some thin gold striping tape and some gold half studs.  If you can't find these or don't want to order online you can substitute a gold striping polish and use a dotting tool to replicate the studs.  Here are the nails I did to match Busy's:

Since she isn't showing her thumbs, I did this hand with a solid teal thumb and the other I did a half and half with the gold tape.  I started by polishing my index and middle finger with A-England Galahad and the other two fingers with Barry M Navy. Both are basically one coat polishes so I didn't need a second coat but if your colors do be sure to get to full coverage before going to the next step.  For the stripes you have two options.  I'm pretty steady with my hands so I free handed the teal and blue stripes but if you're not then use some tape to tape off the area you don't want polish on (make sure the bottom layers are TOTALLY dry) and then add the blue stripes on the first two fingers and the teal stripe on the ring finger.  Last I used my striping tape to section off the striped areas and then added the gold studs.  Follow with two coats of top coat (I used Seche Vite) and voila!! Celeb worthy nail art. 

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  1. I love this! And I love how nail art has become so mainstream!

  2. I saw this pic of Busy's nails and I loved it! It's so fun to see you recreate it!

  3. Gorgeous nails! Love this idea! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Love the idea! And yes celebrities are more into it, I was watching the Emmys red carpet this week and they had a "manicam" to show off people's nails

  5. I love these series! Great Idea :)

  6. fabulosa !!! i love her mani, and yours xxx

  7. Love this mani (I searched your blog for Busy after you mentioned her in your most recent post!) I adore her manis on Cougar Town and plan on copying some.


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