A Week of Shimmer Polish: Wendy

9:50 AM

Day three of my week of Shimmer Polish  is here! Today I have Wendy for you to drool over. Wendy was my second favorite of the five I tried out.  I love that she has a two toned effect and it makes it a little hard to pinpoint a color for her!  She is described as a purple, copper melange on the Shimmer Polish store and ultimately, that's pretty much what she is.  The site says she's reminiscent of the 70's and I'd agree with that! I love the look of the copper and purple together but then there are flashes of other colors as you turn your nails.

Here's a close-up of her disco goodness:

You can see the large copper hexes and the smaller purple ones.  But there is also small blue and holographic glitters in there.  I think overall she reads as a purple but it's certainly hard to tell!  This had a similar formula to the others. Slightly thicker but easy to work with and it was less dense than Tracy.  About the same as Erica.  Two coats left my nails still bare in places but still very sparkly and well covered.  I have two more of these bad boys for you and I'm saving my most favorite for last so don't miss Friday's post!!

You can purchase ShimmerPolish directly from her Etsy site for $12 each.  She also makes amazing custom polishes for just a little more. This polish was sent to me for my honest review.

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  1. This is gorgeous, and is probably my favorite Shimmer polish I've seen. The colors remind me of Halloween!

  2. I love this one too! I will have to check out Shimmer Polish.....looks like some gorgeous glitters!


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