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So this week's Project Runway episode is the classic "Make Your Own Pattern" challenge.  I actually really like this challenge in general and I LOVED it for this season because freaking no one works with prints!! It's so annoying! It's like every week is a funeral on this darn show because everything is so monochromatic.  This week that didn't change much despite the pattern making.  Most of the patterns were black and white.  I LOVED Sonjia's pattern although it reminded me a little bit of elephants.  I also really loved this one which was Melissa's.  It was definitely outside her box and in a very good way. I think one of the things I love most about this dress is that it has a really great silhouette and it would be amazing in a simple black or solid color as well as the pattern. I also think it looks very easy to dress down for the office by throwing a sweater on top, or to dress up at night.  Perfection.  Of course, it didn't win.  Dmytri won and while I thought his jacket was innovative and fun I didn't think that it really went with the pattern challenge that well.  I mean, yes his pattern was cool and his jacket showcased that.  HOWEVER, he essentially made a simple shirt with the pattern and then went right back to doing what he always does with solid black. ARGH!  At any are the nails:

I used Wet and Wild White On for the base and then stamped on a pattern with butterLONDON Pillarbox Red.  I tried to randomize the pattern a bit but unfortunately I didn't do it in the right order and so it just looks like my pinky and index are going rogue!   Still I liked the effect.  I wish the stamp hadn't dragged in places too.  I was experimenting with different top coats! Back to Seche I go!!  Gunnar went home this episode and I was sad to see him go but let's be honest, his outfit was a throwaway. :(  Sad times.  Did you watch this week? Which was your favorite design?

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Jewli came up with this week!!

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