A Week of Shimmer Polish: Adrienne

7:00 AM

 Continuing with my five days of Shimmer Polish, today we have Adrienne.  Of the five colors I got this one was the most color forward.  Adrienne is an obvious dark blue polish.  Like the others, she has a plethora of other colors strewn throughout her clear base.  But overall...she's very decidedly blue. Shimmer Polish describes her as a blue and gold polish and that's very much the case.  She has large blue hex glitters, medium gold hex glitters, and smaller holographic, blue, red and gold glitters.  It really amazes me with all of these Shimmer colors how many types and colors of glitter are in these bottles.  It's really crammed full and even though there are so many colors and shapes it really looks great on the nail.  It isn't chunky or bumpy and it doesn't look like the glitter display at the craft store tumbled into a bottle of clear polish.  These are well thought out, smart matches.  Here's a close up of Adrienne on my nail:

Like the others, Tracy aside, this is two coats and there is still some nail showing.  You could probably do three and have a full coverage glitter or you can do one ot two over another color for a fun glittery flash.

You can purchase ShimmerPolish directly from her Etsy site for $12 each.  She also makes amazing custom polishes for just a little more. This polish was sent to me for my honest review.

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