Weekly Wrap Up: butterLondon, Nutella Milkshakes, and kitty snuggles

8:49 PM

Yep. It's Tuesday and I'm just now getting around to last week's roundup. Well...stuff happens! Here we go...

Sunday I went out to breakfast with my husband. The waitress asked us if we wanted our checks together or separate. I'm not sure why but this tends to happen a lot.  Hmmm...also my order from Coterie came. Yay for cheap butterLONDON's!!

This week at work we're decorating Christmas tree's.  I came home covered in glitter MORE than once. This pic is of the glitter from a single tree. ONE tree.  Even my socks had glitter in them. Redic. But decorating these hideous tree's is also the highlight of my year! lol...so it's worth it.

After I got off on Sunday (at 10AM) I went to the international market and IKEA with my husband and a friend. Snagged this picture for my wall for just $10.  It's actually on a pretty thick foam board so it's easy to mount and I didn't even have to frame it. Steal. I also decided to make my Butter Beer from last week into Giggle Potion. Just add vanilla ice cream. Yum.

It was a long week and for some reason (I think it's the cold) Aoife was especially cuddly.  She's always following me around but she's been rather snuggly lately and is on me all the time.  We had to switch her and Eoghan to new food this week and it's taken ages to choose a new one.  We're still not set on one but I think we might be on our way!

Just a thought...lol I finally got around to catching up on my DVR this week.  For some reason I always forget that I can skip the commercials and I ended up seeing tons of them. :/ Fail.

My iPod, iPhone, and computer are officially full this week. Again. And I can't get the new iOS for the iPhone either til I clear out some space. So hubby got me a new computer and an external hard drive this week.  I still can't figure out what to remove from my various devices but at least there's room for more now!

And...for some reason I decided that not eating anything but six cookies all day was a good idea. It was not. It's rare day when I eat sugar, especially white sugar, and I don't think that helped.  I cured my sweet tooth earlier in the week with a Nutella Shake. Yum. :)

How was your week?

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  1. Jealous of those Butter Londons! Also, I see no problem with the waitress asking if the bills are separate lol :P Maybe that's just me!


    1. It just seems weird. It never used to happen before and it never seems to happen to any of my other couple friends. :?

  2. I've been meaning to clean out my iPhone to make room for the new iOS also :/ I have no idea what to remove though!!


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