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You can create illusions with your nails just by using some simple polish and shaping* tricks?  Make your fingers appear slimmer by going with almond shaped, rather than round or square nails.  Balance a shorter or wide nail with a squoval shape.  You can even fake a long nail bed with a neutral or opaque pale pink and a nice, natural french.  Check out next weeks New Year New Nails post to see how this simple trick can change your nails from petite to perfect in three easy steps!! And remember the rule of balance: keep your free edge to no longer than the full length of your nail bed for the strongest and most appealing look!

*Remember that shaping and filing should always be done with a grit of higher than 180. For best results, use a 600 grit and light pressure. If you have to "bevel the tips" or run the file along the free edge to remove layers of nail, your grit is too low for your nails. Most nails will be best groomed by a 600 grit.

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  1. What a great post! I am still growing out my nails in order to shape them. Fingers crossed I can do it this weekend!

  2. I always wear them shoval :) theyre stronger shaped like that :)

  3. So interesting!♥ i always wear the squoval..i love it


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