H is for Harlow

7:00 AM

It's time for another A,B,C polish challenge day.  Today's letter was "H".  I don't have a lot of polish starting with this letter so today's choice was pretty easy for me!  I got this one fairly recently and for an incredible price thanks to an amazing fellow polish addict.  It's relatively hard to find now but it's SO worth it if you can!  This is Zoya Harlow. Harlow was released in 2009 alongside Savita and Verushka as part of the Matte Winter collection.  I have Verushka and it's a lovely emerald green matte. Savita is brighter purple.  Harlow is really easy to work with and while she's STUNNING matte...you HAVE to see her shiny to appreciate her in all her glory!

I don't really consider these to be matte's.  In the polish world there are a lot of terms and definitions and I think sometimes big brands don't do enough research!  These are really more of a suede than a matte since a suede by definition is a matte shimmer polish. Just look at all that shimmery goodness. Gorgeous. I thought this was sort of similar to China Glaze Misteltoe Me, a polish I picked up awhile back for next to nothing to try to kill my lemming for this one.  It's not. Not even close. It's much more of a lighter, brighter pink.  Still...I love them both!  Here's a close up....

See all those red and silver shimmery bits?  It's very complex and just lovely.  

Do you have Zoya Harlow? Do you love her as much as I do?

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  1. So Stunning, added to my wishlist lol

  2. This looks amazing with top coat. :)

  3. Oh, this is really pretty. I can honestly say I classify all mattes, suedes, velours, etc. in the same group...now I feel like a moron :D

  4. I agree - this is a suede and not a matte. But unlike most of the OPI suedes they did a while back, this group from Zoya did not have a ton of 'stuff' that shows up in it when you put a shinny topper over it. I am always amazed at a couple of the OPI suedes that just gleam a ton of colors in them when you put the clear topper on them. I do really love this finish and this shade too. The finish is similar to what I have seen in the Layla Soft Touch collection they have out now. I bought one just by total unawareness - the color in the bottle caught my eye and I never get anywhere that sells Layla and I had to come home with something from that brand when I did run into it! I think you would get a lot of wear out of this one this yr with texture polishes being all a big thing now.

  5. Gorgeous!! I happened to have Savita and I probably should pull that one out soon.

  6. i've had this on my wishlist for a while, but i'd love to know how similar it is to a couple of the OPI suedes - maybe i gulp don't need it ? x

    1. I believe it's similar to We'll Always Have Paris Suede. I really REALLY wanted that one but I think this one is close! :) That said, I think it's harder to get Harlow than WAHP.


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