The brightest stars in Gemini...

5:46 PM

It's time for another Lime Crime glitter!! I've already showed you Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo and today I have another gorgeous glitter to show you.  This one is called Gemini.  It's a translucent white iridescent glitter.  One thing I love about these is how easy they are to use.  The pot above is with the shaker top off but you can also use them with the shaker intact.  It has three little holes in the top for easy access and you can simply tap it onto your nail OR you can tap it into the lid and use it that way.  For today's nails I polished with a white base and then just shook the container lightly over my nails.

Here's the result!  I left these top coat free because it seems to be a new trend to have slightly textured nails.  Plus they have this amazing sparkly quality to them which was intensified by the matte base color.  I LOVE the way this one shifts with rainbow-y flashes in the light.  It's very angelic looking.  This actually stayed on really well too even without a top coat.  And even though it had a slightly textured look to it, it didn't feel super gritty or catch on anything. This one seems understated but it's really not! It's a real stunner.  Here's a close-up...

You can pick up Gemini or other Lime Crime Glitters at Lime Crime Makeup.

Colors Used:
Orly Au Champagne

This product was sent to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.

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