I is for Irish Coffee

7:00 AM

Duri Irish Coffee

It's time for another ABC Challenge polish color! Today is the letter "I".  I feel so Sesame Street saying that!! Anyway, this is Duri Irish Coffee.  Duri is a fairly new brand to me.  It's not carried at any stores near me and until I started nail school I'd never even heard of it.  Apparently it's heavily marketed to professionals and almost every nail magazine I have a subscription to has ads on every other page for it.  Unfortunately, this means there aren't a ton of online swatches available for the brand which makes it hard to choose colors from the website to purchase.  I chose this one and another called Indulge My Whim on my first order. Then I asked some friends what they'd get and snagged all those too! I have to say I'm VERY impressed with these. I believe the retail on them is $5 and it's WELL worth it.  I had some issues with my order but overall they were easy to work with and aside from Indulge My Whim (which was nothing that I expected it to be) I was stunned at these.  This is two coats of Irish Coffee and it dries to the SHINIEST finish ever.  Some of them are opaque in one coat and all of them are just flawless when dry.  They also last well on my nails.  For this particular manicure I tried a new technique that's floating around the web. It's a lightless gel mani that you can do at home with your regular polishes. So far it's been pretty good but I'm going to wear it for a week and update you with the results. If you have the chance to try out Duri polishes I really encourage you to do it! Pick this one up for sure! 

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Kerrie have for the letter "i"!

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