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Today I have a review for you!  This is a company who was once a Kickstart* so I'm extra excited to share it with you all! I don't use nail wraps often, to be perfectly honest.  They're great when you're in a hurry or for intricate designs that you might not otherwise be able to achieve on your own. I just find the quality and ease of application to be hit or miss.  I first tried the Sally Hansen ones and was very pleased with how easily they applied and how long they lasted.  I was not so pleased with the cost and the fact that once you open the pack you have to use every wrap or they'll dry up and be useless.  Then I tried the Nail Rock and Essence strips.  Turns out they're just stickers and not polish at all. Major fail. Not only do they not look great but they're ridiculous to remove.  So I was skeptical, as I always am, when these showed up in the mail.  One thing I love about them is the way they're packaged.

They're all sealed in a little plastic bag.  BUT it gets better because when you open the pack they're all nestled in they're actually individually sandwiched between two additional layers of plastic. While I'm not 100% sure that this will help preserve them longer, they've been sitting in a drawer for a week now and they're all still pliable and ready to go so I have a feeling it will help a lot.  It also makes it super easy to match them up to your fingers and apply them one at a time.  I applied mine without first buffing and without base coat. I washed four sinkfuls of dishes directly after and had zero lifts or wear. With top coat they lasted a full week on me before the tips started to wear.  That's excellent considering most regular polishes only make it four days.  I was sort of disappointed with the shapes.  I feel like some are too narrow and some are way too square (like the first one you see up there).  But I can see how it might benefit people with wider nails and they can be easily trimmed down if needed. This pattern is not even close to being the coolest one they have available so I really encourage you to check out what she has to offer on the site.  Here is one on my nail!

I used Barry M Navy on my fingers and the Evil Eye strip on my accent nail.  You can see that it's shiny and looks just like the polish.  No lifts or weird flaps like I've seen with other strips. There are seriously some awesome patterns available on the site and $12 gets you 16 strips, a nail file and an orange stick for easy application.  I really encourage those of you who like the ease of strips (and those of you who have had bad luck with previous ones) to check these out!! I'm eying the Rococo Gold ones next!!

Buy your own set at: GoScratchIt.com.

*Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative products.  You can visit the site and choose independant upcoming businesses or projects to support!  I'm a BIG supporter of helping small business and innovators so I love this site! Check it out and help out some local (or not so local!) creators!

 These were sent to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.

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  1. They sound great! love how you used it as accent nail.xx


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