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Today I have some swatches for you of the GOOP/butterLONDON trio which was released around Thanksgiving last year.  I hesitated to swatch these for awhile because I wanted to work out the issues I was having with GOOP first. I'm not going to go back into all that mess but I did want to update you on some recent occurrences with it. First, someone had suggested that I contact butter LONDON to let them know about the issues I had with GOOP.  I did end up doing that, mostly because I found it rather appalling the way GOOP was telling me every email that it was all butter LONDON's fault.  Even though I stressed to them that I knew they had no hand in the mess and just wanted to alert them to the bad customer service people were receiving with regard to the lacquers, they ended up apologizing and sending me a $15 off coupon.  At that point I had given up on GOOP and since it had been over a week since I last spoke with GOOP and had not received any kind of response from them (not even an automated, we got your email response) I accepted the coupon and moved on.  Then, two days later I received an overnighted package from butter LONDON.  Inside was a handwritten apology from butter LONDON and GOOP and a free box of lacquers. I strongly suspect that this is the doing of butter LONDON and not of GOOP at all, given how closely the two occurred.  BUT  I digress. They did make good on their promise to send me free lacquer for my trouble and they did apologize. I did find out also that there were numerous complaints regarding GOOP and the butter LONDON lacquer set. But that's how my experience went so there you go.  Now lets get on with the swatching!

First up we have Abso-bloody-lutely...

Abso-bloody-lutely is described as a cherry red gloss.  To me it leans darker than cherry red but it certainly is glossy! It reminds me A LOT of La Moss, another bL color I love. It IS brighter than La Moss and it's a bit more jelly like, although it is fully opaque in two coats.  This has no topcoat so you can see that it has a gorgeous finish. Even though La Moss is darker and bit more vampy, I don't think I needed both. This is a great fall color though.  

Moving on to Bread and Butter Pudding.  This one is sort of boring but honestly, I love it.  I really dig neutrals that give nails a glossy, healthy look and this fits the bill perfectly. This is three coats and it builds up nicely but it's definitely not meant to be a full coverage polish. This is perfect for the office or anywhere you want gorgeous nails but can't have a lot of color. I used it for New Years with some Orly Halo sponged from the base up and it was just fabulous.  It reminds me of the OPI Ballet jellies.

Bonus picture of the New Years nails! :) Last up we have Hampstead Heath...

This one is the real stunner in the group.  It's sort of a flakie/shimmer/glitter/glass fleck....I don't even know. It has large flecks of gold and green and a deep green base. It's just flawless and unlike any other polishes I have.  I had to take a macro of this one so you can see what I mean...

Look at all those colors!  This is also two coats and no top coat and you can see that it dries smooth and shiny just like the others.  They don't sell these separate but if they did this would be the one to pick up!  

Did you snag this collection? Which is your favorite?

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  1. Bread and Butter Pudding and Hampstead Heath and gorgeous!


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