All that glitters is...GLITTER

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I have some gorgeous, gorgeous things to show you this week.  They are glitters. They are complex. They are stunning.  They are not polish.  But in a way, they're better than polish because I can use them in millions of creative ways and also on my face! There's really nothing better than a little glitter!  I have several of these to show you but today I'm starting with this one.  It's called Scorpio and it's from the new line of Zodiac glitters from Lime Crime Cosmetics.  The thing I love most about Lime Crime (other than the super packaging and whimsical colors!) is that they are a mostly vegan and cruelty free company (their primer contains beeswax).  Something that I'm really trying to stay on track with this year is going to vegan branded polishes and it's a wonderful thing to be able to go to a site, order whatever you like, and not have to peruse every ingredient to see if it's OK or not.  Anyway onto the important stuff!  Scorpio, as you can see above, is a black glitter with holographic particles throughout.  It has a very dark but fantastical feel to it and even though I'm so OVER the holo trend I was really drawn to this one.  The packaging is lovely too.  Here's the box they come in:

Then the bottom of the glitter containers show the color and the symbol for the zodiac sign:

Pretty, no?  I love how luxe the packaging looks.  It's all golden and delicately patterned. Gorgeous.  Anyway I decided what better way to use it than with my Lime Crime polishes?  So I mixed it with some top coat and did a gradient over Once in A Blue Mousse.

It could have used one more coat of Seche Vite. These glitters are pretty hungry but that's standard fare for a glitter. This is also gorgeous used on the eyes! :) What do you think?

These glitters were sent to me for my honest review. You can purchase them at

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  1. That is beautiful packaging, and your gradient looks gorgeous!! :)

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! I got a couple of loose glitters in my last Julep Maven box, but I haven't tried them yet!

  3. Theyre Gorgeous! And multi functional and cruelty Free so that are 3 +'es :)

  4. Love it it's so gorgeous!! You should do a post with dramatic eyes.. I'd love to see how it would look! :)

  5. Stunning and beautiful! Did it bleed in the topcoat at all?

  6. Love this! I have always been afraid to use lose glitter - but this makes me want to try!


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