The art of neoplasticism...

7:00 AM

It's the final day of the Digit-al Dozen challenge! Today is me only recreation of an art piece for this challenge. It's a recreation of a painting by Piet Mondrian.  Mondrian was a Dutch painter and a very important person in the De Stijl art movement. The basis of his work, and of the movement, was to use only white, black and primary colors and to use grids to create patterns.  The movement went on from around 1917 to 1931.  I really love the idea that these artists had only five colors and straight lines to use and yet came up with endless pieces of unique art.  It goes to show you that you don't need a lot to create when you have an imagination. :)  I hope you all enjoyed the challenge!  Please check out the art my fellow dozeners came up with for today's challenge and stay tuned for the next installment in my New Year New Nails series!  It will be coming this weekend. :)

Zoya: Purity, Pippa
Color Club Chelsea Girl
Models Own Black Nail Art Pen

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