butter LONDON Kerfuffle

7:00 AM

This is a simple swatch post for you of one of butter LONDON's upcoming Spring colors, Kerfuffle.  I REALLY love this color. It's a pastel peach but it's just peach enough that it's not pink and just pink enough that it's not orange.  I have issues with peaches when they're too orange and then the pinker ones make my hands look weird so this is a perfect combination.  This is two coats and it was a dream to work with, much like most of the other butter LONDON colors I have.  It dries shiny and it wasn't streaky or patchy like pastels can sometimes be.  I love pastels and this one is PERFECT for Spring. It has a very vintage vibe to it which I think is part of the idea behind their new line. It definitely does remind me of sweets and macaroons and earlier, simpler decades!!. :)

Are you excited for the butter LONDON Spring line? What are your must have colors?

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  1. Love it! I don't have any BL polishes yet but this collection is very tempting for me.

  2. so sweet and adorable! perfect spring color! it reminds me a lot of Peachy Keen from China glaze

  3. Wow love it! I love pastel peachy colours and this one looks just perfect.x


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