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Day two of the Digit-al Dozen art challenge is here! Today's inspiration was water color.  I used to really love using watercolors as a child and I still love the soft, sheer quality they have about them.  I used a new technique for this challenge and I'm considering making a tutorial for it since it's super easy and the effect looks really intricate.  I used a creamy base coat to sort of represent a canvas and then I used a fan brush to make patterns on the top.  A few days after I had this on I decided to add some glitter and it looked pretty amazing but then it started peeling off in sheets. Fail.  I think the glitter with the Gelous with the top coat with all the layers already on just became too thick.  I'll definitely be revisiting this technique so maybe next time I'll get it to work! Don't forget to check out the other girls art inspired mani's for today!

Lime Crime: Milky Ways
Color Club: Poptastic, Chelsea Girl and Pucci-licious

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  1. Beautiful!! I would love to see a tutorial for this! I've gotta do a watercolor mani for the new 31DC and last time I attempted one it came out like rubbish. Maybe your new technique would work better for me.

  2. I'd love to see a tutorial on this one! It looks great!

  3. beautiful! love the color combinations and the technique is excellent. very pretty.

  4. This looks amazing! I'd love to see a tutorial too because last time I tried a watercolor mani, it turned out looking like barf!

  5. Wow this looks very pretty! I would love to see a tutorial because my last attempt to do watercolor nails was a disaster. X


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