Scratch It Wraps: Rococo Gold

4:35 PM

I'm so excited to be able to show you these nail wraps today! A few weeks ago I did a review on Scratch It Nail Wraps for you. I used the Evil Eye pattern they had available at that time to do an accent nail with some Barry M polish.  Well this time I have strips in Rococo Gold to show you.  I really wanted to save these too and do just an accent nail but come on, they're TOO gorgeous for that. One thing I really love about these is that a lot of times with strips metallics can look extra shiny or extra flat.  These are neither. They're deliciously shimmery and look expertly like actual polish. They have a very rich appearance to them and that makes them seem less like stickers to me!  I'm digging this fun pattern too though I wish my nails were a bit longer because I've got a bit of a mustache situation going on at the tips of my middle and ring fingers! Still, I love these and they're SO super easy to use.  I mentioned before that they provide a little file for you to buff your nails with before you start but I didn't buff mine before applying. It can help them to adhere but I had no problems keeping mine on last time so I skipped it.  Here's a close-up of the shimmery gold background for you:

Gorgeous isn't it?  You can snag these for yourself at the Scratch website, but hurry because they go in collections which means this one could be gone VERY soon!  :)  I have a short tutorial pic for you guys so you can see how easy these are to apply. It's my first one so don't be too hard on it!! I'm working on getting better at these so that I can do more cool tutorials in the future!

Have a great week!!

These wraps were provided to me for review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.

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