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I have another butter LONDON swatch for you today! This is also from their upcoming Spring line and it's called Fiver. Fiver is a mint green so you know I HAD to have it.  I have about twelve million mint greens and I can honestly say, this one is my favorite. It's not super green and not super blue.  It's also a nice light color but it's not pale or muted.  It reminds me of appliances from the 50's! I love that the colors in their new line have a sort of vintage appeal to them.  This one also looks great with Kerfuffle, the peach tone I swatched for you earlier.  It too was opaque in two coats and even though the formula is on the thin side these are really easy to work with. I had no streaking and no bald spots. It dried to a fabulously shiny finish as well. Perfection. :)  I love it when a color turns out to be exactly what you hoped it would!

Did you pick up any of the new butter LONDON's? Which is your favorite?

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  1. I have a mint green polish obsession as well and actually put a self-imposed moratorium on buying anymore. But I think NEED this one.

  2. It totally reminds me of 50's appliances too! This minty/blue color is so amazing!

  3. This is so soft and pretty - perfect for spring!

  4. oh, so soft and pastel and cute! Love it!


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