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9:28 AM

Today the 31 Day Challenge inspiration is art.  I LOVE art and I see a lot of artwork that I would die to have on my nails.  Let's face it though, I'm not the best artist!  So rather than butcher a beautiful thing I chose to base my design today on something a little more abstract.  I chose this design for my inspiration:

It's funny because mine looks a little less feminine and a little more street art like but I think it came out pretty well.  The background of the original is floral and I sort of just left it to be somewhat abstract because I knew my herringbone pattern was going to be much thicker than what's on the original piece.  I also left off the solid cream stripes. Again because my pattern was much thicker. Over all I liked my final design even if it wasn't exactly what I started out with! :)

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