Day One: Follow A Tutorial

10:23 AM

The first day of the Crumpets Nail Tarts challenge is to follow a tutorial.  Which honestly I thought would be easy until I realized that a lot of the designs I'm dying to recreate don't actually have tutorials! One of my favorite Instagram accounts is @Christabellnails and she does A LOT of tutorial videos.  They're short because it's Instagram but they're also easy to follow.  So I scoured her Instagram for one I really liked.  This one seemed really simple but pretty -- and it should have been but for the fact that I apparently do not own a sheer silver shimmer.  She uses affordable polishes for the most part (hers used Sinful Colors) so I could probably have gone to the store and picked it up for next to nothing BUT I opted to use a silver glitter instead. Still pretty but the effect is definitely not the same. I hope you like them anyway! It's never good to discover there's a hole in your 1500+ collection of polishes! lol...check out her tutorial video below and give her some love if you like at her Instagram or YouTube account!

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