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Today's inspiration for the thirty one day challenge is to recreate an old mani you did.  I actually do this fairly frequently for my Flashback Friday segments and it's usually reserved for mani's that I did before I really had the skill to do them and now I that I do (or at least I'm closer!) I want to do them properly. For today's remake I just randomly chose one.  So here you go! This was originally done as part of the Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge which is funny as now I'm doing them again for Crumpets Nail Tarts! At any rate the original prompt was to use the oldest polish you had.  For me it was a now almost 18 year old bottle of Mary Kay.  Since that wasn't the challenge though I decided to go with a different base.  I also switched up the purple because I no longer have the Zoya I used originally.  Though I made a few changes I think it still counts as a remake! The original version is below! :)

Which is your favorite?

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  1. I love the new updated version!

  2. I like this - i think it works much better on your new nail shape xx


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