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Today's challenge is a blobbicure.  Honestly, I had to google what that even meant although I had an idea.  This is the first time I've really tried this type of mani so I was more looking for specific tutorials.  I found a lot of videos but as I didn't have much time to watch them during the day I had to sort of wing it based on what I read.  That being said I think it came out rather nicely. In a way it reminds me of turtle shells and in another way it's sort of like a lava lamp.  I had set aside two blue shades to use and then I waffled on blobbing with yellow before ultimately deciding on this green shade.  I'm glad this was thrown in there because I will DEFINITELY be revisiting this in the future! I couldn't decide if I liked it better shiny or matte but I decided in the end I loved the shine (no topcoat on these super shiny Zoya shades btw!).  I've included the matte version for you to decide for yourself! :)


I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Yours are sooooo good! Teach me please! Lol

  2. I like your mani - like it best with gloss. Could you list the names of the Zoya polishes used? I think the green goes really well with that blue!

  3. I love the matte version of this manicure, awesome

  4. Love the matte look! It almost reminds me of a turtle's shell. LOL!

  5. Do you have any tips? I tried this before and it was SO thick, it would never dry!!

  6. These look awesome!! Mine didn't turn out looking anything like this haha. I wish it had though!

  7. love this so much - these colours just pop together, and that nail shape works so well for you x


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