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If you've been following this blog for a long time some of you may remember a few years back when a few bloggers and myself started doing a weekend post which was sort of a "get to know you" kind of thing.  A little catch up on what we do outside of nails and how we spend our free time when we're not polishing! I actually can't even remember what it was called and I did spend some time looking without much luck.  At any rate I'm bringing it back for awhile to see how it goes.  I've seen a lot of bloggers disappear over the past few years and I think it can be hard to balance life with blogging sometimes. I struggle A LOT with my other blog so this will help me tie them together and it also helps us get to know each other. It might also help me keep you in the loop as to why I can't always post as often as I want to.  Of course if this isn't your thing you're welcome to skip these posts!  They'll only go up on Saturdays so it will be easy for you to skip over them. No hard feelings. :P  

Some of you might notice I sort of lost it the last few days of the 31 day challenge.  There was one challenge day I didn't feel particularly inspired by and then I never seemed to get my groove back after that. However, I'm still really happy with myself and when this post goes live I'll have published the same number of posts this month as I did the previous THREE months combined.  So I can't feel bad about that.  Caoimhe helped me out with some of my nail art (and some of the distraction! :P) but even she got tired of it eventually.

I've also just finished my FOURTH week of training for my new job position.  It's been really jarring since the position is very different from my previous one and the training has been a hot mess.  For starters the training manual is over 300 pages. THREE. HUNDRED. PAGES. Of codes and rules and exceptions's a lot.  Then there's the fact that we were meant to move to the corporate office next week but last Friday they decided to move us early.  Always fun to not know where you're going to be. Or when.  Though we have an official training schedule we've not followed it. At. All.  In four weeks we've had as many trainers and each does things totally different and we have a different schedule depending on the day.  It's just...been overwhelming.  The good thing about it is that my new position is a 27.5% raise AND I get all the same benefits from my company (which is an amazing place to work for btw). So I can't complain too much but it's been a bit of a struggle.  Monday our computers were down for awhile so we did some training modules instead. I found the above "grammar cat" in one of the modules for business grammar.  Ridiculous.

I've also mostly solved my sleeping issues. If you follow my other blog you might know that I've been struggling with CFS/ME for sometime now and the insomnia it causes has plagued me for YEARS. I don't think I've had a good nights sleep in over 10 years.  A lot of my yoga buddies swear by essential oils so I've been learning more about them and working on using them for my ailments.  I made a mix for sleeping recently and although the smell of it is a bit odd it WORKS. Like really works.  I generally use it in my bath or diffuse it at night. I fall asleep in minutes and stay asleep all night. Plus no medication hangover the next day. My husband complained about the smell initially but even he couldn't complain after a good nights sleep.  Well at any rate I've got a ton of swatching to get to for you guys! Next week you can look forward to the new Barielle collection and then I'll have the spring Zoya's for you soon as well.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend! How was YOUR week?

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  1. always happy to hear my girls are doing well, sleep is everything! And you'll triumph over that mess at work, you always do! {{{[hugs}}}}

  2. Glad the training's going well even if it is chaotic!

  3. I'm interested in your oil blend. May have to try it out!

  4. oh well done on the sleep, and well done for handling the stress of the last 4 weeks xx

  5. I miss these kinds of posts. Keeping you in my thoughts for learning those codes, they gave me a headache!


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