Tape it up!

9:55 AM

The second day of the Crumpets Tarts 31 Day Challenge is a tape mani. Anyone who is a regular follower of this blog should already know how I feel about tape mani's!  Not that I don't think they can be absolutely stunning but I just do NOT have the time or patience to be laying down tape and then polishing over it.  I generally polish after work which means I have enough time mostly to do a base and design (if I'm not stamping).  Anything I want to do that has to be done over dry polish would have to be done the next night which means start to finish I'd not have a photograph to post for at least two days.  Not workable for me.  I've been working on that recently by laying a base down and allowing it to dry while I'm on my lunch break so that if I'm quick when I get home in the evening I can do a stamp or something and beat the sun for a picture. However, I've been training which means I have ample time at work to let them dry without fear of dings since I'm not actually doing anything. We'll see how that trend holds next week! In either event here is my take on the tape mani! I hope you enjoy it! :)

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