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5:00 AM

Today the inspiration for the 31 day challenge is a fish tail braid.  I'll be honest, I tried this several times but I could not get the criss cross just right and at some point I gave up.  Yesterday was rough for me  ( hence why I skipped a day) and as you can see it was also rough on my nails as I'm now back to this squoval shape for a bit. It does feel a bit freeing in a way since when my nails get long they do get in the way somewhat but still it had to happen mid-challenge. At any rate I did this fish tail with alternating stripes rather than the overlapping layers.  Then I added some bright blue green nails to cheer myself up! ;P  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love how this manicure came out. Your accent nail looks great, but those other nails are blowing me away!

  2. Just beautiful! Totally a manicure I would wear!


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