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9:57 AM

Today the inspiration for the 31 day challenge with Crumpets Nail Tarts was reversed polarity.  Now...when I think of reversed polarity I think of electricity.  When electrical outlets are set up, they are set up with a cold and a hot side. Properly done the hot side shuts off or comes on when a plug is inserted. When the polarity is reversed, the hot side remains on which is a pretty dangerous situation.  You can also reverse polarity with batteries but let's face it, we do that all the time (at least I do!) and nothing exciting really happens.  So you can imagine how stumped I was that I was going to have to try to make nail art based on this.  Then I decided to google it and...well I didn't come up with anything that stood out. Apparently a lot of people tag regular nail art with "reversed polarity". :/  So...since you could also take reversed polarity to mean sort of opposite I thought maybe I'd repeat this mani:

.....buuuuutttt......ya'll....TAPE MANI. Urgghhhhh. It turns out I'm not the only one who felt confused and luckily, before I had to break out the tape, someone else asked.  It turns out what the challenge is referring to is "color swapping" or what I'd refer to as inversion of colors or reversed colors.  It's sort of like what happens when you look at a negative.  Blue sun on a yellow beach, green sky over blue grass kind of thing. know I'm sneaking leopard into EVERY challenge and today seemed like a great day for it!  I used inverted colors for the standard leopard print colors. :)  I hope you enjoy it! Here's an inverted leopard print photo for your viewing pleasure! :P

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