Someday I'll wish upon a star...

5:00 AM

Today the inspiration for the 31 day challenge is rainbow!  I'm not super into rainbows so I was a little nonplussed for this one.  At first I thought I'd just do a skittle or a sky with a little rainbow, but I wanted to do something a little less obvious.  I've definitely done the rainbow and the sky thing before!  Actually this one came at a nice time because it's been fairly warm and sunny out lately so I wasn't in such a dreary mood! At any rate I hope you like my little hearts!

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  1. I think this mani is super cute! You're lucky it's been warm lately it's been freezing here!

    1. Its in the fifties here! But I bet it snows tomorrow. ;P

  2. Love these little hearts, and it works so well with the rainbow scheme!

  3. I'll be a broken record and say that these hearts are so cute!

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  5. Way super cute! Rainbow Brite would be happy! :)


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